Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fun Father's Day weekend being at home all together as a family. Saturday we had some friends over to swim and cook out. Sunday we went to church and then went out to lunch. It was Flint's choice, of course, so he picked pizza (which was no surprise!) Our friend, Stacy, from our Sunday school class joined us. She and her husband are in transition much like Flint and I were last year. They are moving to Gainsville, FL and he has already gone down to start his new job. Stacy is still here in Waco taking care of all the things you do when you move. NO FUN...I have been there!
Our little girl LOVES the water! She has loved her bath practically since we brought her home from the hospital, so it is no surprise that she also love to splash around in the pool. Now if we could just get rid of the harsh sun, it would be perfect.
Faith and Cilla

Girl also loves her sunglasses! Maybe because I have been putting things, like big hair bows, on her since the day she was born!

Flint's First Father's Day with his sweat pea
I never thought I could love Flint any more than I did before Cilla was born. But, seeing Flint with his daughter adds a whole new dimension to our marriage and to the love I have for him. It is so fun to see his soft side- to see him laying with Cilla on his belly, to see him kiss her on the forehead and put her to bed, to see him on the floor playing with her and talking to her...These are truly the sweetest things in life! I am so thankful for Flint and his role as a Godly leader and the provider in our family. Cilla and I are blessed a million times over! I couldn't ask for a better hubbie for me or a daddy for my baby! We love you, Flintastic! You mean the world to us! I am so glad God gave you to me!
Happy Father's Day
And to our dads:
Thank you for always being there, thank you for all of the hugs, thank you for the sacrifices you made, thank you for picking us up when we fell, thank you for the lessons you taught us, thank you for loving us unconditionally!!! We are blessed beyond measure!