Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tahoe Get-A-Way

This past weekend, my parents graciously agreed to keep Cilla so Flint and I could have some time away.  We jetted off to one of Flint's very favorite places- Lake Tahoe.
As always, Tahoe was beautiful and our time away together was relaxing and wonderful!  We had so much fun together and time away from the kiddo is always refreshing!  It definitely makes me a better mom when I get back home!
So, we failed at taking pictures.  This is the only shot of the two of us....and it was taken on Flint's phone!  Ooooppps!  But take my word, we had a blast and ate lots of yummy food.  We ate at one of my very favorite restaurants- Cafe Fiore.  And had one of my very favorite desserts- White Chocolate Ice Cream.  It is seriously a little glimpse of heaven!
 Of course, we enjoyed the views.  There has been very little snow this year, but it was still beautiful! 
 We spent time just people watching and enjoying time together in Heavenly village.
This gal has been around for many years.  We see her every time we are there.
It was a quick get-a-way, but much needed and just about perfect.  But, we sure missed our Cilla girl and there was no better feeling than coming home to her!  That really is the best!  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lawson's Superhero Party

Last week we helped our friend, Lawson, celebrate his third birthday at the Little Gym.  Cilla has been twice in the last couple of weeks for birthday parties and she loves it so much we signed her up for classes!
Meet the birthday boy, Superhero Lawson!  How cute is he?!?!
His momma is the author of Cut Through the Caution Tape and it is hilarious!
And here is our little party animal!
 The kids love this place!
 Little Miss Lilly.  
Lawson's creative momma had capes and masks made for all the little superheros!  How fun is that?!?!
 Birthday boy, Lawson.  I love his mask!
We had lots of fun celebrating Lawson!  So thankful for sweet friends.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Low Key Week

I took Cilla to the doctor last Monday and after being diagnosed with pneumonia I knew that she needed nothing more than a week with little on her agenda.  Apparently, pneumonia is not contagious, however I still tried my best to keep her in and get her well.  
Our little sickling. 
This picture was taken before we realized she had pneumonia.  There is local Thai spot that we love.  Here is our little champ eating Chicken Satay and peanut sauce.  She has always been such a great little eater.
Sunday night was the low point of her being sick.  We were up most of the night.  We did manage to catch a few z's on the couch in the living room.  Here is what I woke up to Monday morning.- Cilla's head in my lap and Sophie and the opposite end of the couch.  So, for those counting, that is three of us sleeping on the couch! 
Midweek, things were looking up, so Cilla got out with mommy to run some errands.  We stopped at Firehouse to get lunch for mommy and daddy and while I was ordering this is the mess she made.  And she was so proud of herself.  Always has a sense of humor!
I caught this sweet moment.  She was reading "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" to Sophie!
Of course, there were multiple trips to Bliss.  She is always a good sport when mommy and daddy have to tend to business there.
We read lots of books, watched some Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and even played some Candyland.  
After spending a lot of the week at home and resting, she is doing so much better.  One funny memory that I want to remember is that she was prescribed Amoxicillin, the yummy bubblegum flavored medicine that every kid loves.  Not Cilla!  She hated it!  At first we we had to give her M&M's to get her to take it.  She has gotten better with it, but still not a fan!!!  She is such a mess!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Angry Birds and Sweet Little Owls

Last weekend, we had a fun fun Saturday celebrating two special little friends!  I get told so much that we go to A LOT of birthday parties.  And my response is always the same.  We are so so blessed to have such sweet friends with kids close to Cilla's age to walk through this stage of life with.  I don't know what I would do without all these families.  They are such support and encouragement!
First we headed to Brayden's Angry Bird birthday!  Check out more party details and more party pics!
 Jenna made a life size Angry Birds game for the kids to play and they LOVED it!  It started like this.....
 and ended like this!  Isn't that a fun idea?!?!
 And this little sweetheart is always a show stopper!  Miss Jillian was so cute helping the big kids with the blocks!
The Birthday Boy!!!  He enjoyed every last bite of his cupcake!
 Thanks Brayden for letting us help you celebrate your third birthday with you!  We had the best time.

After a little detour to visit our family in Gravette, a drive around because Cilla fell asleep in the car (which never happens!), and a few minutes resting at home we headed out again for some more celebrating!  We  got to help sweet Harper celebrate her third birthday at the Little Gym.  
They do such a good job with the kids.  Everyone had so much fun!
Sweet Harper
 Stella and Harper playing with the parachute.  
 Cilla kept saying, "I love Little Gym!"  and "I am having so much fun at Little Gym!"  I loved watching all the kids have so much fun!  You couldn't help but smile!
 And for a few short seconds, there was a calm in the room!  But of course it didn't last!
 Singing happy birthday!  Kelly did such a cute job and all the little Owls were so cute!  Check it out!
Happy Birthday to Miss Harper and thanks for letting us celebrate with you!  We had a blast!
And Cilla passed out that night!  Success!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

13 Going on 14

Our Golden Retriever, Katie, turned 13 right after the new year so our course we had to have a little celebration!  
Yes, we are those people!
Cilla loves celebrating any birthday, but Katie holds a special little place in her heart.  She helped Katie blow out her birthday candle.
Then for the good part!  Katie and Sophie both got birthday treats!  What's a birthday without cupcakes?!?!
Happy 13th to the sweetest puppy dog I know!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cotton Bowl Victory

So, I know this is about five days late and five dollars short, but I want to get back into the groove of blogging and documenting the happenings of the Harris family!  I sure do love walking memory lane through the pages of this silly ole blog.  So, that is what keeps me blogging!
Last week the Harris crew, all 5 of us (2 doggies included), spent the week in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.  Flint grew up in the Metroplex, so it is home to him and we currently have many friends there, so it is always a fun fun trip for us!
Of course we love seeing family and friends, but our main objective was to bring home a Cotton Bowl victory and that we did!  GO HOGS!  
 My "professional" husband was busy capturing as many Cotton Bowl moments as he could on one of his two cameras, so I did not get to enjoy the game with him.  But, I have loved looking at all of this work.  This post game pic is one of many!  Check out more Candid Cotton Bowl Pictures and 2012 Cotton Bowl Pictures Run the Gamut on HolyTurf!
He even shot a pic of his friends from the field!!!
 I missed sharing in the fun evening with my hubbie, but I had a special date!  My bestie, Laura, generously gave up her evening with her three boys to join me!  Also, special thanks to her hubbie, Brad, for sharing her with me for one night!  We had lots of fun!  We sat with the Carney's and the Schulte's and loved being together!
 Laura and I and Lacey and I heading into Jerry World.
 We saw lots and lots of interesting characters.  This grown lady included.  That's right, I said grown lady.  Not an 8 year old!!!  She must be more comfortable in her skin and in a tutu than I am!  
 And Flint captured this image.  I love this little guys and his sign!  In one word....AWESOME!
See more interesting folks from game day at Jerry world here.
 Flint even managed to catch a few moments of Bobby P smiling.  Not something you see very often, but he certainly had a lot to smile about that night!  See a few more smiles here.  
Well, that is my first attempt at catching up from Christmas and from our trip to Texas!
Oh, and Happy New Year!