Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring

I just had to share one more picture of our trip to Atlanta. This was made at the park while Cilla was watching the ducks about 10 feet away from her.
It was a cold weekend here in Waco, but spring weather has been promised for the this week! We love to be outside, so you can bet that will be on our agenda.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break in the ATL

Ffor Spring Break (yes, the hubby works for Baylor University, so we still get a spring break) we packed up our bags and headed to the ATL. One of Flint's dearest friends is a youth pastor just outside of Atlanta. Ella is Scott (also loving known as Maxwell) and Dru's little girl. She is two months older than Cilla and is such a sweet baby and is as cute as can be!
Here we are heading to Fort Worth. We left the puppies with Pappy and flew out of DFW. It is hard to tell just how much we had packed in the back of the Tahoe! Traveling just isn't what it used to be!
One of the first spots we hit up once we arrived in Georgia was The Mellow Mushroom. We have been to The Mellow Mushroom before, but we do not have one in Waco so it was a treat.
And what would a trip be without a stop at Target to pick up diapers (and formula). Yes, my one year old is still drinking formula. We finally found out that she is lactose intolerant, which comes as no big surprise since Flint was, too. But, we are having a hard time getting her to take to other milk alternatives. Any advice?

Here are Ella and Cilla riding in the buggy on the shopping cart! We had lots of people staring at us as we paraded through the store.
On Friday we made our appearance at the Georgia Aquarium. I must say, it exceeded all of my expectations!
Cilla was so fascinated by everything.
...and so was her daddy!
This is a big shark that we saw as we walked through the tunnel!
Cilla LOVED standing at the fish tanks.
It was so cute to watch the excitement on her little face. She just soaked everything in like a sponge.
I must admit that as much as the little girls enjoyed themselves, I think the grown-ups enjoyed their time at the aquarium even more! It was a fun day and we had two really tired babies by mid-afternoon.
We had a couple of rainy days while we were there, so the girls enjoyed playing in the church gym.
Cilla jumps on any opportunity to have wide open spaces to crawl around.
Thank you Max and Dru for your hospitality. We had so much fun with you guys. Thanks for taking us to do so many fun things and thanks for just hanging around with us over your weekend. We love our time with you guys! We are so thankful for your sweet friendship and the laughter that it brings to our lives! We love ya'll!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Party Pics

Here are a few more pictures from Cilla's birthday "palooza". That is what Flint called it! Cilla had such a fun time which made the day worthwhile! Thanks again to everyone for making her day special. I did not do a very good job of taking pictures, but here is a small glimpse at her party.
Here is our little family of three.
Cilla playing with her friend, Connor.
Sweet Mase. Is he not just precious?!?
Margaret and Baba (that is what she calls me).
Anna Kate and Connor in their adorable matching outfits. They are so delciously cute, I could eat them up!
Cilla and her daddy.
Aunt Laura and Braysen, thanks for making the trip to Waco!
Silly girl with her Nana and Poppa.
Singing "Happy Birthday"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Year Old

My sweet baby girl is one year old today and I can't believe it! I will post more later but for now we are celebrating our girl! Happy Birthday, Cilla Gracel! Your big smile and sparkling eyes brighten every single day! I am so glad you are mine!  I can't believe a year has gone by.  In some ways it feels like you just came into our family and in other ways I feel like I have known you forever!  Your daddy and I love you so very much!
Happy Birthday, Precious Baby Girl!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Birthday Soiree

So, get ready 'cause there are about 200 pics from Cilla's birthday party. I weeded through them and tried to pick out some of the best.
First of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who shared in her special day. Some of you made really big sacrifices and gave up other plans to share in Cilla's day and we really appreciate it! I wanted her party to be something simple and about her-Just a fun day with her friends. I think it was a complete success!
Here is our little Birthday Girl, who surprisingly could have cared less about her cake. She was too busy socializing, I guess! The audience did not faze her one bit. She had such a ball and it made my heart melt!
So, I will cut to the chase. After all, I know what everyone wants to see first....the decorations!
This was the cake table.
A closer look at the decorations.
Cilla's first Birthday Cake. This was made by Cecile Crumpler here in Waco. She did a fabulous job! Thanks to all my gal pals who recommended her...she came through strong!
This was the food table in our dining room.

Birthday Banner made by yours truly!
And this was one of my very favorite details. I took the picture from each of Cilla's "month birthdays" and made them into a banner which hung on our mantel! The pictures were a little obscure, but it was fun to see how she has changed over the year!
Chocolate Fountain
The party favors
Again, the beautiful cookies were made by Crumpler's! The detail on each cookie was amazing!
The favor table
Cilla's "little" friends took home a sippy cups filled with puffs and her "big" friends took home bags of animal crackers and of course, the cookies!

...and The Birthday Girl herself!
I will share more pictures later.....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Preview

Well, the birthday plans are well under way. They actually have been for ummm.......12 months. Since Cilla was itty bitty (or as itty bitty as ten pound baby can be) I started thinking about and dreaming about her first birthday party! For those of you that know me, you know that I love to plan a party! I love each and every detail that makes a party special and unique. But with that said, I am trying to keep it simple and I am trying not to go over board (and since when was I known for not going overboard!?!?!) After all, she is turning ONE, not 13! Anyway, here is a little sneak peek at our little bit's first birthday party......

It only seemed logical to go with the giraffe theme. Her favorite thing in this world is her stuffed giraffe (thanks Heather, Todd, and Reese)! I thought and thought about how to make it "girly", but too "girly" since most of her friends are little boys. Viola, a little wild animal themed party for our little wild one with a little bit of little girl flare!
I will share more pics after her party this Saturday. One week from today, we will be celebrating Cilla's first birthday. I can hardly believe it!!!!