Saturday, May 26, 2012

Come and Gone

Cilla had her last day of Kid's Day Out this past Thursday.  KDO is our church's version of Mother's Day Out.  It was Cilla's very last day of KDO, because we have decided to go ahead and put her in a 3 year old preschool program.  She's just growing up entirely too fast.  I can hardly stand it!
Here is a picture of Flint and I with her on "Meet the Teachers" Day back in August.  She had a short bob and was a little unsure about everything.  Now look at her.  Ponytail.  Sassy pose.  And all ready for splash day!
She is with Miss Jilly Bean in the bottom left.  Cilla loves Miss Jilly Bean!  She teaches the kids bible verses to songs.  And Cilla can sing every. single. one!  Then they get a jelly bean after music time!  Our sweet Miss Jilly Bean!
One morning before school with Gigi in hand.  
{early spring 2012}
 Lunch with friends. 
{late spring 2012}
 The fire truck and firemen came to school to visit.  Of course that was popular! 
{Fall 2011}
This year just flew by so fast and I look back and Cilla has changed so much in such a short time!  I am so proud of her!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My heart.

We had a special treat this Mother's Day.  We got to have our very first lunch at Nana and Poppa's new house!  We are so excited to have them in town.
A happy mother's day.
Cilla talks nonstop and says the funniest things.  She always keeps us in stitches.  But, recently she has started telling me, "I love you to the stars and the moon and back!" or "I love you to Heaven and back!" Melt my mommy heart!
My loves!
Three generations.  And so thankful for my momma this year.  She has such a willing servant's heart and has been a lifesafer through all of the craziness in our lives this past year!  Cilla loves having her Nana and Poppa nearby.
My heart could explode.
Being a mommy is so much harder than I ever imagined.  Ever.  I've eaten all of my words.  Even though I stumble many days, it is so much more rewarding than any job I have ever had.  Everyday we grow together.  I am constantly learning more about myself and about God's grace. It is my job to model what it means to love the Lord, to respect others, to love our neighbors, to have compassion, to give unselfishly, to be kind, to laugh, to work hard, to play harder, to pray without ceasing, to have self control, to communicate, to forgive, to have fun, to be still, to be patient, to be a listener, to be thankful, to be loyal, to keep your word, to have a sense of family, to have unfading beauty and a gentle and quite spirit.  How could I not strive for anything less with two sparkly, little eyes looking up to me and watching my every single move!  I am learning to see life through the sweet eyes of child.  That changes your perspective fast...let me tell you! 
And everyday I squeeze my sweet girl, smother her with kisses, and thank Jesus for another day to be her mommy!
I say this every year on Mother's Day, but it is a bitter sweet day.  It always weighs heavy on my heart that Flint's mom, Grammy Cilla, is not here on earth to celebrate with us.  We miss her so much.  Cilla has been asking about Grammy a lot lately and talking about her being in Heaven with Jesus.  I wish she could have known her Grammy this side of Heaven, but it warms my heart to hear her talk about her.  
On a different note we have some exciting news.  Way overdue news!
We are having another baby!!!!!
I am due in July.  So, I am actually 31 weeks and in the homestretch!  It is another surprise just like the first time. We are definitely apprehensive about having a newborn baby around the house again and about having two kiddos, but we are so excited to meet the newest little member of the Harris family!
Life has been passing by in supersonic speed and we have been crazy busy, but I am trying to savor each and everyday with just my Cilla because I know life is about to take a sharp turn in a different direction!  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Razorfest 2012

There has been a lot of hype over the Razorback football team the past few weeks and Razorfest and the spring football game were no exception!  Flint took Cilla this year to Razorfest and I met up with them a little late.  They had a big ole time!  What a difference a year makes.  Last year Cilla was overwhelmed by the mass amount of people and wanted to be carried the entire time.  This year was quite the opposite.  Little Miss was ready to go and do it all!  The monstrous bounce houses did not stop her.  She climbed right up and slid right down and then wanted to cut to the front of the line and do it all over again!
.....and because everything this child wears should have pink in it......we had to find a RED and PINK outfit for the occasion!!!
The morning started with pancakes per Cilla's request.  Daddy and Poppa were her breakfast dates.
I told you the bounce houses didn't phase her!
 All smiles!
Daddy's little Razorback.  
It was a fun treat to see some of our friends.  Cilla loves her Stella!  And I love that her arm is around Stella's neck...literally!  They are such sweet little friends and they have so much fun together.
Cilla also got to see another one of her besties, Anna Kate!  She loves Anna Kate.  A LOT!  She is such a lover.  Her friends hold such a special place in her heart and she is so loyal to them!  I love that about her!
Marci tried to get Anna Kate to go down the big slide with her, but Anna Kate bailed.  So, Cilla was there to step in without any hesitation!
Such a fun day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh, Little Rock

Wow!  So much is going on and life is speeding by right before my very eyes.  
I have done a poor job at keeping at with the happenings of the Harris family the last few months.  We are smack dab in the middle of opening a second location of Bliss, our cupcake shop.  That in itself is enough to completely consume and wear one out but life always seems to throw curve balls making things even more exciting.  Just when we think we have everything under control, God gives us little reminders of our need for Him and He slowly reels us back into total dependence on Him.  But, I love to see how the Lord works and without fail, His plans are always far better than those we make for ourselves.
My parents are getting ready to move.  They are putting the finishing touches on a house that will be only fifteen minutes from us rather than three hours.  We are super excited to have the grands near by, but it is a little bitter-sweet since they are moving from the city I grew up in.  The house I grew up in.  
Cilla and I decided to make one last trip to Little Rock.  I don't know why, but I wanted to go back just one more time.  I slept in my bedroom one more time.  I drove by my elementary school one more time.  I took Cilla to the park that I played in as a little girl just one more time.  I have been awfully sappy over this transition considering I have spent very little time in Little Rock over the last few years.  We also had one more very important item on our agenda- to help Poppa celebrate his birthday!  It was a jammed crammed quick trip, but we had a blast.
When we rolled into town, Nana and Poppa had to be out of their house for a home inspection.  So, what better place to hang out that the Riverfront district?!?!  There is the best park and Cilla had the best time!  There is a tunnel slide that goes down a hill and Cilla must have slid down and climbed the hill 35 times!  I was tired watching her!
We walked over the river bridge.
We had a little "Rice and Beans", which is what Cilla calls all Mexican food, at one of my favorite local spots- Juanita's.
We had so much fun at the Riverfront park, we went again the next day.   Our main objective was to take in the Discovery Museum, but not without a picnic first!!!
Riding on Poppa's shoulders.  She's not spoiled at all!!!  Nope, NOT. AT. ALL!
Cilla loved loved loved the museum.  One of the first things you see, besides the toy store right as you walk in (genius, by the way!!!), is this enormous vacuum wall.  You put balls into the tubes and watch them go through.
Our determined little girl, trying to catch the balls as they came out of the tubes!
Look at that cute face as she saw herself on the TV screen.  Amazement!  One of her sweetest little friends has a daddy who is a news anchor here in our town and she thinks it is the coolest thing to watch him, but this must be the first time she has seen herself on screen.....and with fireworks in the background!
So much to discover.  
She literally had to touch everything!  I love watching Cilla explore and learn!  So much is still new to her and her wheels are always turning.  She is such a fun age.
She played til her little heart was content and her little three year old self was worn out!  And until this momma was worn out from chasing her around!
Trying to lift her own body weight.
Heading home.
These two are the definition of a MESS!
We went out for a little birthday dinner to help Poppa celebrate!
We made one stop to see mine and Flint's Sunday School teachers from Waco, who have since moved to Central Arkansas to work for Family Life Ministries.  We absolutely adore them and they were so dear and loyal through a very trying time in our lives.  It was sweet to see them and catch up.  I only wish I would have taken some pictures.  Cilla ate up the attention from their two kids and she loved playing with their Golden Retriever, of course!
This girl was itching to ride the street car around the downtown area, so we even fit in an evening ride.
I like to think I have trained her well, but Flint may think that he has to play damage control.  Our little lady is taking after her mommy and LOVES making lists!  Flint says I make lists for lists.  Now that is a stretch!
Here is Cilla's list of items that Nana needs for her new house!  Oh the things that go through her sweet little mind just make me smile!!!
We had such a fun "girls' trip to Little Rock.  Since we got home she has asked several times to go back and has told me on several different occasions how much she loved Little Rock.
I love my time with my girl and with Nana and Poppa!