Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary

My mom and dad have been married for 35 years today!!! I can't even begin to imagine where Flint and I will be in 30 more years! I am so thankful that God blessed me with two parents who love Him, love me, and love each other.

I love you guys and wish you 35 more wonderful years together!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reality T.V.

I am sad to see The Bachelor and American Idol come to an end in the same week. I know.I know. I really should not watch trashy television such as The Bachelor, but I get so into it! I really did not care who Lt. Andrew Baldwin chose in the end...I just want to see him find someone that would make a good wife for him and for the two to be happy together. Hopefully he found that in Tessa.

As for American Idol...I DID have a preference and she made me proud! Congrats to Jordin Sparks!!! Jordin is a fellow Kanakuker (and has been for several years) and is a really great gal from everything we have heard about her. I hope that Jordin has a long successful career. She truely is a talented singer! Props also go out to Melinda! She is going to be a superstar, too! I was so proud to see her singing with BeBe and CeCe on the finale. She also made some bold song choices that reflected her faith. It made me proud to see her taking a stand.

House Guests

Flint's best friend, Peter, and his girlfriend, Laura, came to Fayetteville to visit for the weekend. We had such a blast always! We had some wonderful dinners at Doe's on Dickson Street and at Abuelo's. The boys took in some Razorback baseball and I showed Laura one of the things I love most about Northwest Arkansas...the boutiques! She is from Dallas where the shopping is absolutely fabulous. But we still managed to enjoy shopping at Glo, Ropa, Warren's, and Lola. We had a lovely lunch on the patio at Mimi's. One thing that I could show her that Dallas couldn't was some fabulous weather!

I did not do a good job of taking pictures of the weekend, however I did capture the homerun derby that we had in our backyard! We love you guys! Come and visit us again soon!

Mother's Day

Better late than never... We don't just have to celebrate our mothers on Mother's Day. We should celebrate them and all that they do for us all year long! So to my mom and Cilla- you both are wonderful women and I am so thankful to have you both in my life. God truely blessed Flint and I with wonderful mothers. We are so thankful for the beautiful women that you are. You both model what being a mother is all about- Love and Selflessness. I hope I have half the love in my heart that you two have for your children and I sure hope that the Lord works on my selfish side and that I can be more like you both. We love you guys!

...And I know that my grandmother won't be reading this, but I think that she is wonderful too! She has also had a strong influence in who I am today because she raised my mom to be such a wonderful woman!

While Flint was out of town, I made the trip to my grandparents house for Mother's Day...actually, I just went the Saturday before Mother's Day. It was a short visit but wonderful, precious time with my parents and grandparents!

I can not forget to mention my new buddy, Titus. Titus is the first (four-legged) child of one of my dear friends- Mindy. Having a new born and making the trip to Little Rock for the weekend was too much for them with the dog tagging along. So, Katie and Sophie graciously volunteered to share their mommy for the weekend. We had a fun weekend with Titus! He is a MESS to say the least. The boy does not know his own strength and he is FULL of energy! We had a fun time with him! Come again, Titus. I captured several shots of Titus in his favorite pose- all four limbs sticking straight out!

...catching up...

For our few loyal viewers... We have been incredibly busy. Springtime always is! Flint has wrapped up his spring semester and has started summer! Which for those of you who know Flint well it means a time to cram in all the traveling you can until fall rolls back around! The day Razorback baseball ends for the season also starts the countdown to College Football (actually that probably started back in January!)

Here are some of Flint's pics from this past spring:These pictures are from Penn Relays, which he went to with the track team, and his trip to Tuscaloosa, AL with the baseball team and for the Outdoor Track SEC meet. For any of you that closely follow Razorback sports, you know that it was a disappointing weekend no matter who you went with- Baseball or Track!

Student Athlete Day and Bama Baseball Series/SEC Outdoor Conference Meet...
If I remember correctly...the dinner pics are from a local Tuscaloosa dive called Dreamland Barbeque. I hear it is very delicious!

A very belated Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby cousin, Emily Brooke! Her mom threw her an adorable lady bug party. Emily was not super excited about all of the attention and having her naptime interrupted! But she was so cute eating her cake! It is so fun to get to see all of you guys. Even though we all live in the same town, we definitely do not see you guys often enough. I can't believe we have celebrated Em's first literally seems like a couple of months ago I was throwing her and her mom a baby shower! I love you guys!