Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Scoop

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


After playing mommy to little Sydney for a couple a days. I handed her over to her grandpa and I headed down to Little Rock for the wedding of my long time friend, Megan. Meg and Charlie's wedding was beautiful and I also got to see many friends from my days back in NLR. It was as if ten years had not passed since I had seen some of those folks! Oh, so much fun!

Flint went with Max and Kevin to watch the Hogs take on the Tide. We all know the outcome and we will not elaborate on that. Nevertheless, Flint had a fun time with the guys. He also got to see his dear friend Maxwell and his wife, Dru. They drove over from Atlanta for the game.


I picked Sydney up at school on Thursday and had the oportunuty to play mom to her until her Grandpa got to town on Saturday! All you moms out there- you do not get enough credit! You have a tough job...don't let anyone tell you that you don't! I did not get any pictures of Sydney. We were too busy practicing spelling words, carpooling, fixing dinner, cleaning house..... I did, however, get a few of the dogs rolling around in the floor together (we also kept Wilson, Sydney's dog).


Flint gets sad after the new year because football is over until September!!! Pathetic...I know! But this sping and summer flew by and now football season has rolled back around!

I have to confess...I love football season, too! I don't just live for the sport itself like my husband...there is so much more to it for me! I love the spirit of the season...grown men crying because their hearts are broken....people painting thier bodies and sacrificing a week of their life to sleep in lines in order to get on the front row of the student section just to hold up a sign and have their 15 seconds of fame on national television...Rich women dragging out thier fine bone china to serve barbeque on at their tailgate parties...sorority girls getting all decked out to go (hopefully) cheer on their team to a victory. I love the afternoons of sitting on the couch watching long lived rivals battle it out on the football field. I love homecomings. I love the pride of the SEC. I love the cooler weather. I love the leaves changing colors... there are few feelings as warm and fuzzy as walking on the University of Arkansas campus with the trees changing to vibrant hues of red, gold and orange...I guess it brings back wonderful memories of my college days. Whew...I am getting excited just thinking about it.

Our first game was against Troy. This picture is with Todd and Heather on our way to the game!

SO, I guess the only thing left to say is GO HOGS!!!

House Guests

We have had some fun visitors the past few weekends. My best friend, Laura came up to visit from Dallas and last weekend my friend Kelly and her husband came up to Fayetteville! I had so much fun with both of much fun- that I almost forgot to take pictures! I love both of you girls and I am so thankful for both of your friendships!

Kate and Will

I have been meaning to post pictures from Kate and Will's wedding for a while now, but the time has gotten away from me! Kate led cell group with me over the past couple of years! She has also been a great house and puppy dog sitter for Flint and I. Kate and her new hubby are moving down to Texas. We wish you guys the very best and know that you are missed!

The picture that I have is of some of my bible study girls with the blushing bride. Her reception was at the Pratt Place Barn. It was so beautiful!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


"Hello California,
Sure is strange to be here today.
What's a boy from down in Texas
Doin' in the city of angels anyway?"

- Pat Green

This kind of sums up the way Flint feels about L.A. He feels like everything I want to do there is for girls only! Maybe he is right?!?! But you can't tell me that in one of the most densely populated areas of the United States, my Flint wouldn't be able to find something that interests him.

Anywho- we went out to visit his folks and to stay at their place in Huntington Beach, a cute little beach town in Orange County. We had a wonderful time and got a much needed break from the office! A little R & R!! We walked on the beach, layed out by the pool, enjoyed some nice weather, shopped 'til Flint dropped, and of coarse ate until our little bellies couldn't take any more! We went back to Fashion Island, in Newport Beach, which I visited with my girl friends back in March! It was as great as I remembered! We did have a first- Our first trip to Santa Monica. It is my favorite spot. It is cute like the little beach towns with some fabulous little boutiques and many world class dining establishments! I can't wait to visit Santa Monica again! There was so much we did not see! Our visit there was short...we passed through on our way back to LAX, before flying home. In fact, we were so pressed for time, we had to stop and get lunch at Burger King! How pathetic!!!

I know...I am horrible at this whole blogging thing!!! This is much delayed, but I will still post for the heck of it!!! Many of you have already asked how our fifth anniversary was....Well....I ended up working ALL day! The original plan was to take the day and either go on a road trip or just hang out together. Then as the day grew older...the plan changed to hanging out all afternoon. Then 5:30 rolled around and I was walking into the house after a full day of stressful work! My poor husband! He was a really good sport, though. We ended up having a really nice dinner at the Seafood Market in Fayetteville, which, by the way, was fabulous!!! We also went to see the Bourne Ultimatum, which if you have not seen it- GO! It is well worth it! It was favorite Bourne movie thus far! We did not really exchange gifts (just some little, sentimental things)- we left for L.A. just a few days after and we are going to Jamaica in November for a wedding! I guess those are our anniversary gifts!

High point- just spending time with my wonderful hubby! I know I am partial, but he is the BEST! Even when all of our special plans fell by the wayside, we made the best of it and still loved just spending time together- that it what is most important! I love you, Flintastic. You are fantastic in my book!