Monday, July 23, 2012

Hugs and Kisses

It took Cilla a few days to warm up to the idea of kissing and holding baby brother.  But once she started, there was no stopping her!  Here are a pictures we captured from those sweet first moments....well, Duke might argue that they were sweet!
"It's okay, Brother!"
 So thrilled to get her hands on him.......
and to smother him with kisses!!!
 And more kisses!
I am so grateful that Cilla has already loves her brother so much!

A sweet little story that I want to lock away in the mommy memory vault:
Cilla, although hard-headed and strong-willed, has the heart of a giant!  She is exceptionally thoughtful for a little girl her age.  Just days before her little sibling was born, she decided she wanted him (or her) to have a giraffe of their very own.  Just like her Gigi!  So while we were shopping one day, we found this precious little giraffe that was her gift to her brother!  When he is upset and crying, she gets him his giraffe, just like she likes to have her's!  It is precious and just another one of those little tiny details that God has blessed us with to make my heart happy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Duke William Harris

He's here.  He's perfect.  And we are in love!
Duke William Harris
Weighing in at a svelte 9 lb 1 oz
21 inches long
He's a fiesty little fella, but oh so sweet!
 The whole family is smitten, but we have an exceptionally proud daddy!
 Even Big Sister is taken by little Duke and is already proudly assuming her big sister role!  She is a lot unsure about the hospital and mommy having to have surgery, but she is so proud of her little brother.  God has answered all of my mommy prayers!
 Big Sis hasn't taken advantage of holding Duke yet, but that will happen in due time.  
 Two precious babies.  We are so so blessed.
Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Mommy is doing well, Duke is doing well, Daddy is doing a terrific job of taking care of Cilla Lulu this week and Cilla is a little tired and overwhelmed but so excited about our newest little family member.