Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Favorites

We had record amounts of snow in Northwest Arkansas in 2011.  It was so beautiful! 
Unfortunately, Cilla didn't like playing in it near as much as Katie the dog did!
Daddy went to North Carolina to run the Krispy Kreme Run and to see a Duke Basketball game.  Cilla and I had our own fun!  We made Red Velvet cupcakes....
.....and we visited Krispy Kreme, of course!
Club Cilla!  
Cilla got a tent for Christmas and loved it!  One big party!  Sophie also loved the tent.  We found her in the tent several times!
 Silly girl.  She loves to eat at Slim Chickens and mommy and daddy love Mondays because kids eat free!
We made a trip to San Diego before Cilla turned two.  She loved the zoo.
She also loved Sea World!  Any thing with animals!
A Barnyard Bash for the Birthday girl!
Mom made a girls' trip to Dallas and Cilla and daddy some fun of their own.  Daddy figured dumping multiple puzzles would keep Cilla occupied for a while and that would buy him time to get some work done!  Genius!
We went to Razorfest.
We played with our friends.
We spent a lot of time playing outside.
Cilla is all girl and thinks it is so fun to play in mommy's make-up.  I am afraid this my get worse before it gets better.
We went to South Padre with some of our friends from Waco.
 We clearly had a blast.
Cilla loved the ocean and the waves.
My little beach baby.
Daddy's girl.
She found a new love for sidewalk chalk.
All smiles.
We made two trips to Coke Coke's house in Colorado.  We spent Memorial Day and the Fourth of July in Colorado.
Cilla went to her first parade.
I will never forget the MISERABLE 14 mile bike ride from Vail to Frisco.  Cilla screamed the entire time because she hated the bike trailer.  I walked the bike and carried her the last mile.
I helped throw a baby shower for Sweet Baby Cooper.
Flint and I got a little time away with the Cramer's right after our anniversary and we beat the August heat in Pebble Beach.
I just love this sweet face.
We conquered potty training.  We had a "Potty Princess"!
We enjoyed fall in Fayetteville.
Are these two not the sweetest things?!?!
We had a little lady bug for Halloween.  Cilla took it all in this year.
I got to go to several Razorback games because Nana graciously kept Cilla.
Cilla got into princesses in a BIG way!
We soaked in every ounce of Christmas that we could.  It was so fun celebrating with her this year!
And Katie was a good sport through it all.
We had a wonderful 2011.  So much fun and so many memories made.  Being a mom is harder than I could have ever imagined but I love every second of it and I am trying my hardest to take it all in with Cilla.  It has brought us so much joy watching Cilla grow from a toddler to a big girl over the last year.  2011 brought on a new business venture for us.  We are now partners in the local cupcake bakery, Bliss.  It is lots more work than I ever could have anticipated, but it brings with it many rewards too!  Of course, we enjoyed cheering on our Hogs this season and we are so proud of the Baylor Bears.  Both teams had lots to be proud of this season.  God has blessed us way more than we deserve and I am so so thankful.  I look forward to see what 2012 brings our way!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Razorback Hoops

We took a little break from all the Christmas celebrations to go to a Razorback basketball game with the Schulte's.  Cilla loved it and took it ALL in.  She walked into Bud Walton Arena and immediately said, "This is soooo fun!"
She wanted nothing to do with Big Red.  She liked him from afar, but would not get near him for a picture. She was, however, completely smitten by Madison, the Razorback cheerleader.  All smiles!

 The daddies and their girls.  
Cilla loves being with Laci.  They always have the best time together!
Honestly, I can't even tell you the outcome of the game.  But, we sure did have a fun time!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Just what is Christmas, anyway?
Why do we celebrate?
Why is Decemeber 25th a very special day?

Is it about the Christmas tree, 
With all the twinkling lights?

Is it about the Christmas cards,
The ones my mommy writes?

Is Christmas about the Christmas gifts?
I love them very much.

Is Christmas about Santa Claus?
His beard is fun to touch.
Is Christmas about the candy canes?
I think they taste quite nice.

Is Christmas about Santa's list?
They say he checks it twice.

Or maybe it's about the food!
Mom's Christmas cookies rule!

Or maybe it's about the snow.
White Christmases are cool!

Is it about the Christmas songs,
the ones we sing each year?

Is it about the Christmas elves
And Santa's eight reindeer?
No, that's not what Christmas is about!

All these things are really nice and superduper fun.
But Christmas is much more than that-
It's all about God's son.
God sent his son, Jesus Christ,
From Heaven up above.
He came to earth to save the world-
God's greatest gift of love.
So, Christmas is the Lord's birthday
The day he came to earth.
Forever we will celebrate 
His very special birth!
Okay, now I get it.
Santa Clause and Christmas trees and presents are okay.

But Jesus is the real reason 
We have a Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas.
Love, The Harris Family