Thursday, April 19, 2007

Baby Cousin

I have to say congrats to my cousin Nathan and his wife Nina. They had their little baby girl this week! Naomi Rae, welcome to the world!

Busy as Bees

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because...well...time has gotten away from me! Cilla was here all last week and Ray came in on Thursday. Let's see...we have been to baseball games, worked, and worked on planning a "Tickled Pink" baby shower! Thanks Cilla for ALL of your help. For those you you who don't already know, my sweet mother-in-law is the hostess with the mostess! I love having our parents around! Flint and I are so blessed to both have wonderful, supportive parents!
I almost forgot to add that our Razorback Baseballers have taken the lead in the SEC after sweeping the Florida Gators! This weekend they are in Athens, GA taking on the Bulldogs. Flint left today with the team. GO HOGS! While Flint is gone, I am heading to North Little Rock for the weekend to be with my mom and dad. Is it normal to still not like being home alone?!?!

A late HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to my Granny on April 13th and to my Daddy on April 14th! I love you guys! The pics with my dad are from our stellar football season this past year! The other ones...well, they just brought back some great memories as I was looking through them!

Weekend with Sydney

As I anticipated, our weekend with Sydney was fun and full of surprises! I have so much respect for all you mothers out there! Sydney warned me before going to bed (let me add that it was after 11 p.m. when she went to bed) that she "likes to wake up early...even on Saturday mornings!" Like clockwork, the girl woke up before 6 a.m.!!! Aren't kids supposed to sleep like ten to twelve hours at a time?!?! For all of you wondering, this once again proves the delay of our decision to have children!

Sydney, despite her terrible habit of waking up early, is loads of fun! She is finally at an age where you can have a normal conversation with her and she likes to do more mature things! She has grown up entirely too fast! All in all we had a fun weekend...we went to the baseball game, we painted pottery, and we ate sushi.

Wilson, Sydney's dog, also enjoyed his stay with us! Katie and Wilson are best friends! Everywhere Katie went, Wilson went, too! Wilson loved snuggling up beside his over-sized friend. There were some sweet moments of Wilson resting his head on Katie. Unfortunately, those were not caught on camera!

Friday, April 6, 2007


I have been told to report that I am"hosting the famous Sydney Salmon for the weekend"!!! I am sure I will have stories of the weekend!!! Sydney is staying with Flint and I while her parents are in Las Vegas.

Mr.and Mrs. Dave Jorn

Congratulations to the Newlyweds...Coach Dave and Melinda Jorn! We got a call yesterday inviting us to their wedding which was this morning! What a special time! Flint and I were honored that we were asked to be a part of the celebration! Melinda is a precious person and a dear friend and Flint knows Coach Jorn through his work with the baseball team. Melinda spent many nights at our house while she and Coach Jorn were dating. They have a wonderful story of how the Lord brought them together and all that He has done in their lives. Now their life has started together!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Whoo Pig Sooie

A BIG whoo pig sooie goes out to our Diamond Hogs! They had a great weekend last weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee. We swept the Vols on the road! Flint got to travel with them and he had a blast!

We also beat Northern Colorado in our mid-week series Tuesday night and Wednesday night. GO HOGS!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

What have we been up to in 2007?

Here is a quick overview of what we have been doing since the new year...besides working, of course. As you know, springtime is packed with Razorback Baseball! Last weekend we took on the #1 Ranked Vanderbilt Commadors. We took two out of three! GO HOGS! We have high hopes for this baseball season. Keep your fingers crossed...Omaha is still in our future! I also want to send out a huge thank you to my mom and dad! They came up to Fayetteville over Spring Break and helped us do some work around the house! Muchos Gracias!

Over Flint's (and the University's) Spring Break, we headed out to Las Vegas with the Razorback Tennis team. Vegas is one of my favorite spots to visit! The shopping is spectacular, the food is awesome, and all of the hotels are a sight to see! It definitely appeals to my senses! We also got to watch the Hogs take on UNLV and New Mexico State. We won one and lost one. We got to have a night just the two of us and we went to one of our favorite places for dinner-The Melting Pot! As usual, it was a fun experience and delicious food. The highlight of the trip, however, was our dinner at the Country Club at the Wynn with Coach Cox and Darren. It was amazing. We ate out on a balcony that overlooked the 18th green. There was a big beautiful waterfall and we got to watch the sun set. This was a heavenly oasis in the middle of the desert not to mention the food was AWESOME!

More of Las Vegas

More Girl's Trip to L.A. and the O.C.

Girls' Trip to L.A. and the O.C.

At the beginning of March, I went to Southern California with three of my best friends and college roommates. What a blast we had. We definitely came out winners on this trip! We saw, we shopped, we laughed (a lot), and we ate. Mission accomplished!

Highlights of the trip: Fred Segal and Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery in Beverly Hills. We did so many fun things! We went to Fashion Island and putted around Newport Beach and Huntington Beach the first day of the trip! Of course we made it to the spa! The second day was our big adventure into the city. The four of us attempted the traffic of L.A. We saw everything from the Kodak Theatre and the Stars Walk of Fame to Fred Segal, Rodeo Drive (window shopping, of course!), and Kitson. We almost were chosen off the street to be on the Jimmy Kimmell Live Show, however Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery in Beverly Hills was our TOP priority in order to make it to our dinner reservation at Primitivo in Venice! We did find the time to squeeze in H & M, a personal favorite of mine! Our third day was what we thought would be relaxing, but it may have turned out to be the most stressful day of the trip! We attempted Disneyland! It was so fun, but there were enough strollers there to last me a lifetime! The day ended by watching the sunset on the beach followed up by a delightful Italian dinner.

We had a lot of snow and cold weather this winter. I did not get many pics, but here are a few of us enjoying some of the snow. Let me preface this by telling you that we pretty much just bundled up, went outside, took some pictures, and went back inside! I am NOT a fan of being out in the cold weather!
The two times it snowed the most in Northwest Arkansas, Flint and I were out of town. We joked because, before Christmas, I was praying for it to snow (mainly because I think it is pretty!)....well of course we had a really big snow while Flint and I were in Atlanta for the SEC Championship Football game!!!