Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Go Kris!

American Idol finals are tomorrow night and I am so excited about this finalist...
Kris Allen!!!
He is from a small town about 20 minutes from where I grew up! Kris, you have my vote!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tennis National Championship

Flint has been in College Station the last several days with the Tennis teams. Cilla and I decided to join him for a couple of days so we would not be home by ourselves.
This is Jordan holding Cilla. She is one of Cilla's favorite babysitters!!! Jordan has already offered to write Cilla's rec for Tri Delt when she goes through rush in the fall of 2027!!! Jordan was a Delta at Baylor and now works with Flint.
Momma's little Delta says "Sic'em Bears"
(she also says "Whoo Pig Sooie!")
Chill'in at the hotel waiting for the next match

... and the picture above is our baby monitor. I looked at it the other day while she was napping and it was no surprise to me that her thumb was planted in her mouth. She has been trying to get this down the last couple of weeks and it finally happened! You can also see in this picture that she is still sleeping in her carrier! It is working like a charm! You can't get the best of us, Acid Reflux!!!
***I think in this picture she had just pulled her thumb out of her mouth.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is my first Mother's Day. It has been such a wonderful day!
We went to Sunday School...Little Bit is not going to the nursery until she gets her first round of shots, which is tomorrow! She is the perfect little baby while she is in with the adults. She is quite as a mouse and sleeps most of time! After church Flint took me to one of my very favorite places in town- Cafe Cappuccino. They have Banana Nut French Toast that is to die for!!!
Getting ready to leave for church...already asleep!

This afternoon I laid Cilla on the bed and she was smiling at me ear to ear! It melts her mommy's heart when she does this! I caught a little grin in this picture.

This has been a bitter sweet Mother's Day for me. Nothing makes me happier right now than to be a mom, but today a big part of us is not here. Today is Flint's first Mother's Day without his mom. It breaks my heart that sweet Cilla will never know her Grammie on this earth. But, she will know how much she was loved by her Grammie before she was ever born.

I also want to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom. She has been an amazing support the last two months. I have the most selfless mom in world. I hope I am half as good of a mom as she is! Thanks, mom, for all you do for us. We all love you very much and can't wait to see you again soon!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Girls

We celebrated two birthdays this week.
My baby girl, Cilla, turned two months old. I can't believe it has been two months!!! And my first baby girl, Sophie, turned 10!!! Also hard to believe!!! I love both of these girls very much! They both bring lots of joy to my life!
Look how "tall" she is getting. We go back to the doctor Monday for shots. I will be interested to see how she falls in comparison to other babies her age.
She has changed so much the last few weeks!
*Still loves to be "out and about".
*Loves to ride in the car.
*Loves her paci and is trying oh so hard to find her thumb. I keep shoving the paci in though. Way easier to break paci sucking than thumb sucking and lots less corrective dental work!!!
*She holds her head up so well! I love to see her stick her neck out like a little turtle!
*Speaking of neck...I think her little neck is the cutest! I am always kissing on it. Love it!!!
*Loves "Praise Baby". So does her mom...It allows me to shower!
*Usually sleeps between 6 and 7 hours consistently before wanting to eat. However, she can sleep up to 9. The secret is out!!!
*I hate to admit this, but it is working for us......she sleeps in her car seat right now. It has made for way better nights. She was having some tummy trouble and I think this is really helping.
*Loves her doggies.
*Loves to watch fans. It is hilarious!

For Sophie's birthday, I got cupcakes from What About Cupcakes?, the local cupcake bakery! They were delish! If you live in Waco, I highly recommend the Oreo and Cream cupcake! But, I have yet to have one I do not like!

Here is the birthday girl on her BIG day!

She had the cupcake devoured in no time! She and Katie got mini Vanilla cupcakes and Flint and I had big kid size cupcakes!!! Yum-O!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Baby

I just LOVE these lyrics. So many of my hopes for my baby girl.

"I Wish"
By Heaher Headley

I’d give you the moon, but you’d never know the warmth of the sunshine.
I’d give you the world, but exactly what would that do?
I’d promise you wings to fly, but how would you ever learn to run?
So I wish you all you need,
to be more than I could be.
This is what I wish for you.

I wish you rainy days, so you can know the beauty of a clear blue sky.
I wish you falling leaves, so you’ll understand the seasons change.
And if I gave you the mountains, would you learn to climb?
I pray you’ll always see; the forest through the trees.
This is what I wish for you.
This is what I wish for you.

If I could I’d say the word and chase your fears away,
And I’d stay right by your side and show the way you should take.
But this your life, this is your story, and when all is done and said, you live with no regrets.

I wish you ocean breeze, and rivers that can bring you everything you dream.
I wish that the air you breathe, is all that you’ll ever need.
I wish you nights of love, and days of joy and shoulders when you cry,
And just enough hello's, to get you through goodbyes.
This is what I wish for you.

I pray one day you’ll have a home, with arms that open wide,
And you have someone who loves you, always by your side.
And if you lose your will to try, I wish you wings to fly.
I wish you wings to fly.

I wish you everything you need.

And this is what I wish for you,
And this is what I wish for you.