Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Because

Just wanted to share this picture. I happen to thing she is the cutest thing in the world!

She is being dedicated at our church this upcoming Sunday and this is going to be on the screen! Hope you are having a good Wednesday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

29...and holding

Some of our dearest friends, the Pardues, came to Waco from Dallas to spend the weekend with us! Corby and Flint's friendship goes back to their days at Kanakuk. This past March we both had little girls two days apart! SO FUN! We love these guys to pieces and thank God for blessing our lives with them! Here are some of the highlights of our weekend with them....oh yes...and my 29th birthday.
These girls love to splash around in the pool!
My Girl

The Pardue Family

Here is my "daddy's girl" watching the British Open on TV. Heaven help us!!!

She was glued to the TV- YIKES!
How cute is she?!?!

This was my birthday cake! Sweet Flint got me a cake that said "29 and holding..."
Funny Boy!!! Cilla was mesmerized by the candles.

Lauren and Corby brought me one of my very favorite things in the world...Sprinkles Cupcakes! Red Velvet, of course! Ironically, one of them had the Texas decoration on it, so I got that one. Everyone here gives me hard time about being from Arkansas!

I sense a lifelong friendship in their future!

We got a sitter (Thanks Jordan!) for the night so we all could have a childless night out!!

Two of the most competitive people I know!!!

Corby in all of his glory! Notice the picture in the background. My parents gave me the most beautiful drawing of Cilla for my birthday. I LOVE IT. What a wonderful birthday gift!

We have started putting Cilla in her "jumper" and she LOVES it! Look how intense she is! I promise she is not cross-eyed!

We had so much fun. The laughter never ends when you put Corby and Flint together! Thanks for making the trip down, guys.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Late Birthday, America!

We had a fun 3 day weekend as a family! Friday we were lazy and went to brunch at one of our very favorite places, Cafe Cappuccino, and we went to dinner at BJ's. BJ's is like a small town Cheesecake Factory~Yummy!!! Saturday we hung out with our friends Katie and Bella. We did lots of swimming and we cooked out. Sunday, we went to Sunday School then we headed to Fort Worth for the day to visit Cilla's Pappy (Flint's Dad). We had a great weekend and did not forget to remember our friends, family, and all of the other men and women who have left their families to defend our country and fight for our freedom. Thank you to all of the brave men and women who are and have been in the Armed Forces and thank you to their families for making a sacrifice as well! We are so thankful to live in America!
Flint and the Little Bit before dinner

Cilla attracting an audience with her talking and her hair bow!
Swimming with daddy