Sunday, April 1, 2007

Over Flint's (and the University's) Spring Break, we headed out to Las Vegas with the Razorback Tennis team. Vegas is one of my favorite spots to visit! The shopping is spectacular, the food is awesome, and all of the hotels are a sight to see! It definitely appeals to my senses! We also got to watch the Hogs take on UNLV and New Mexico State. We won one and lost one. We got to have a night just the two of us and we went to one of our favorite places for dinner-The Melting Pot! As usual, it was a fun experience and delicious food. The highlight of the trip, however, was our dinner at the Country Club at the Wynn with Coach Cox and Darren. It was amazing. We ate out on a balcony that overlooked the 18th green. There was a big beautiful waterfall and we got to watch the sun set. This was a heavenly oasis in the middle of the desert not to mention the food was AWESOME!

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