Sunday, January 13, 2008

"525,600 Minutes"

HAPPY 2008 to all!

I can't believe another year has come and gone...and what a year it has been! I love to look back to see where we have been and compare where we are now. It has also been very evident to see God's hand in our lives throughout 2007. Here is a very modified version of 2007.

JANUARY- We rang in the new year with my best friend Laura and her husband, Brad in the DFW metroplex. My grandfather, who had been struggling with his health for quite some time, got very sick a couple of days before Christmas and we had to say goodbye to him. But, he was a wonderful Christian man who loved his family and who loved the Lord, so I know I will see him again one day in Heaven.

FEBRUARY- Flint's traveling season begins. He went to New York and to Lexington with the Track team. This is always a tough time for me. I hate to be alone...for those of you who know me well....I HAVE to be around people. I also highly dislike being by myself at night! But, God always takes away my fears and provides fun things for me to do.

MARCH- I got to go to L.A. with three of my precious girlfriends from college! We crammed so much shopping, eating, and laughter into a five day trip! While I was in L.A., Flint was in Minnesota with the Baseball team. I also got to tag along with Flint and the Tennis team to Las Vegas over Spring Break. Vegas is one of my favorite places!

APRIL- The traveling continued... for Flint. He went to Athens with the Baseball team and Philadelphia with the Track team. I finished up my fourth year with my cell group girls who were juniors in high school. Only one more sad!

MAY- Flint was in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham this month with the Baseball team. I finished up my first year of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), which changed my life! If any of you are considering it but are trying to talk yourselves out of the commitment...I highly recommend that you step up to the plate and take the challenge. There is nothing easy about it, but it is the most rewarding bible study that I have ever been in!

JUNE- I threw my friend Katie a.k.a. "Bird" a baby shower, which had been a huge time consumer up to this point. Flint traveled to Phoenix for an Athletic Department Conference. This could be the week that changes his career path at some point. He made so many contacts from different schools that still contact him about job opportunities! We also got to go to Fort Worth to hang out with our friends!

JULY- We had a low key 4th with our friends Todd and Heather at the White River. A much needed get-away from civilization...very little cell phone service, no internet, and lots of sleeping! We also headed to Lake Tahoe. I cut the trip short and returned home early so Flint and Peter could have some bonding time! I spent my birthday home alone. But, thanks to some special friends, I had a wonderful day! We celebrated with tapas at one of my favorite restaurants- Tapanazos!

AUGUST- The interviewing begins. Flint had the opportunity to interview at the University of Missouri. How Ironic!?!? We thought we could be moving to Columbia, but the Lord had other plans for us! The Scoop starts to come into existence.

SEPTEMBER- Flint's favorite time of the football season! Flint and I went out to the O.C. to visit his parents! Always a fun trip for me....Flint does not enjoy the L.A. area as much as I do! September and October are a complete blur to me. I have never been so sleep deprived and so busy in my life. Getting The Scoop going was a huge, but fun undertaking! Flint went to the Alabama game with some guy friends...needless to say, it was a let down but fun! Flint got to see his dear friend, Maxwell, and his wife, Dru, which was a plus for him! The Pardues came to visit and watched the Hogs get taken down by the Kentucky Wildcats- another sad day to be a Hog!

OCTOBER- Football season continues which rocks and rolls my house in the fall! We watched as top five teams got knocked off week after week! Just some of the excited you experience as a college football fan! The Scoop was launched and got off to a tremendous start! We traveled to Ole Miss with Peter to tailgate in The Grove and to watch the Razorbacks take on the Rebels! We also had the chance to see Deborah, Camille, and their sweet families! Deborah and Camille are Flint's cousins.

NOVEMBER- We traveled to Jamaica to Omar and Veronica's wedding. I will post some sure was beautiful and it was a fabulous trip for Flint and I. We went to Knoxville for the Razorback game. My sis-in-law is a Volunteer (boo!) and they have a house in Knoxville. So, we had a little family weekend with the Harris clan and again were disappointed by our Hogs! Flint went to Houston to Josh and Jennifer's wedding and I stayed behind to get ready to host the second Harris-Clemons Thanksgiving! Both mine and Flint's parents came to celebrate with us in Fayetteville! What a sweet time it was to have all of our parents with us. We were so thankful for another year with them!

DECEMBER- What a busy time of the year... I know, I know. Everyone is busy this time of the year. However, we threw in two job interviews and a trip to Lake Tahoe which makes for pure craziness! We were blessed by my parents to get the condo in Squaw Valley, which was a wonderful time for Flint and I. We had a Fort Worth style Christmas this year (everything is bigger in Texas...including Christmas!!!) and then we headed to good ole North Little Rock for Christmas with my fam! Both of our moms outdid themselves!!! So, then we headed back to Fayetteville (for about a 24 hour period) for Trey and Kristin's wedding and then we packed up our bags and our dogs and left again for Dallas! We got a little more family time with my in-laws, got to spend some time with Laura and Brad, and we spent New Year's Eve with Corby and Lauren! So, 24 days, about 10 different beds, and 10 different locations later...we made it through the holiday and back home. Only to anxiously await the phone call about our future!

WOW...what a year it has been! God really looked after us and brought many blessings along. We welcomed Sophia, Paige, Maddux, Reese, and Titus into the world. We celebrated the marriages of Dave and Melinda, Kate and Will, Megan and Charlie, Veronica and Omar, Josh and Jennifer, and Trey and Kristin.

There has been so much uncertainty for us. But I know, just like Proverbs 3:5-6 says, when we trust in the Lord whole-heartedly and give everything to Him...He will direct our paths. I am so thankful for that promise and I look forward to looking back in 2009 to see what the Lord has done in our lives this year!!!


Kelly said...

Man - you've had a busy year!!!!! But it sounds like such a great one - so filled with fun,friends, family and travel! I hope this year will be even better. I hope Flint's job search is going well. I'm curious to see what happens - I know God has a plan for ya'll!!!! I'll pray! Keep us informed!

Megan said...

A post from Rebekah-yaay! Wish I could travel half as much as yall. Can't wait to see some pictures from those trips!

Beth said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful year! I'm jealous that you all get to travel so much! :)
Be sure to keep us posted on the job situation!