Friday, September 5, 2008

College Football Commencement

How Lucky are we?!?!

We hit up two college football games last weekend. Both the Baylor Bears and the Arkansas Razorbacks had their season openers and we made it to both!

It was my first Baylor football experience and all I can say is WOW!!! Not, "wow", like that was an amazing experience. Like "wow", "we are not in the SEC anymore, Toto!" You can look at the stands and tell that football is just not the same here and then you can look at the final score and be reminded yet again! Which by the way was:

Wake Forest 41 Baylor 13

To give the Bears some credit, they were playing a ranked team. We will give them a shot at victory again this Saturday night when they take on Northwestern State!

So, here are some pictures of my first Baylor football game! They have a neat tradition, I guess. They have what they call Baylor Line, which is made of the entire Freshman class, that is any freshman who wants to participate. They all get matching jerseys, they run out on the field right before the game starts, and then the football team runs through them. That is the pandemonium occurring on the field in the picture below.

The Baylor Line One of my cell group girls that I have been with over the last six years, just started school at Baylor! It is so wonderful to have an old, familiar face down here! Meet Jessica! She is, in Rush terms, "super cute"!!!
And finally, YAY for new friends! This is Katie. She works in Flint's office and we have become friends. I am so thankful God sent her my way! We have spent lots of time laying out by the pool together!
Baylor played Thursday night and then we loaded up the Tahoe and headed to Northwest Arkansas for a long Labor Day weekend. I did a horrible job at taking pictures. It truly was a crazy weekend...jammed packed. We got in late Friday night. Saturday, of course, Flint had to find a place to park his hiney to watch College Game Day and the LSU Tigers. We headed to Max and Kelly's, whom I do not have a picture of. They made us the most delicious home-cooked breakfast! Seriously, I LOVE biscuits and gravy like any southern girl! We hung out at their house until we met Todd, Heather, and Reese for a late pre-game meal at the one and only Slim Chickens! One of our favorites! The picture below is of Todd carrying Reese to the game! She is so precious and is such a happy baby, however the "over the shoulder baby holder" was not the greatest idea in her opinion! Look at that face, does it not make you laugh!?!? be back in Fayetteville and to be "home". I have never appreciated Fayetteville so much in my life, and I don't think you truly can until you move away! I am not sure if being pregnant made me a little loco, or if it just felt so good to be home, but The Run-through made me start crying! How ridiculous is that?!?!? Welcome to the Bobby Petrino era.

This picture is just funny to Flint and I because, for those of you who do not know, Jeff Long is trying to get rid of EVERYTHING that says "Go Hogs". Yeah, good luck with that, buddy! Keep trying to get rid of years and years of tradition! Does he not know what happens when you make Razorback fans mad? They will fly banners over the stadium with bad messages about you! Notice that spectacular Razorback in the middle of the football field! It is about time?!?! Houston Nutt did not want it. Now we have joined the modern days of football and have our mascot painted at center field and it looks AWESOME!
Flint and I
Flint, Todd, and Bryce
(both were two of his closest friends in college and they are still great friends)
So the game was not so great! The Hogs looked less than impressive, just as we expected. They somehow managed to pull a victory out of their bag of tricks! But hopefully they will improve from week to week. Okay, okay. Flint made me do this!!! This is for you, Jordan! Jordan also works with Flint and was a Delta at Baylor!

It was another wonderful weekend in Fayetteville. Exhausting, but wonderful! We got to see lots of people, but not nearly everyone that we would have loved to have seen. Time just does not permit. My parents made the trip up to see us and to hang out with us. We were not expecting that. THANKS mom and dad!!! We love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'll admit it. I'm a "lurker" or "stalker" on other people's blogs.
I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and found hers through Flo's blog. I am a friend of Flo's sister and that's how I found her blog.
ANYWAY, I live in Waco, too. Welcome to Waco! I'm a Baylor grad....way back in 1992.
I won't bore you w/ details, but if you'd like to contact me my email is:
I'd love to help you get to know Waco a little better. Have you found a church yet? We've lived here for almost 15 years and know all the churches pretty well. My hubby is a former pastor who is working on his PhD full time at Baylor right now.
Sic 'em, Bears!
Carrie Young
ps You can view my facebook page to see I'm not crazy! Do a search for: Carrie Bertin Young

Beth said...

I know what you mean about Fayetteville being "home." I've been away for two years, and I still miss it and want to live there again! You're right, you don't appreciate it until you don't live there...

Ham Family said...

I agree with you & Beth -- Fayetteville is one of those places that you never know how great it is when you're living there. Every time we drive back "home" to Arkansas, it just makes me want to move back to Fayetteville. Love it!
So glad that you guys got football fever started off on the right foot! We're heading to the Arkansas/Texas game this weekend, so we'll be cheering on our Hogs amidst the sea of burnt orange that we despise so much! -ha-
Hope to see you soon!!

Jessica said...

You and Flint are adorable! So glad you got to come back home to Fayetteville. Fayetteville is just the best! : )