Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Tour

Welcome to the Harris Home
I love Christmas but as much as I love it, I think Flint might love it even more. We both love all the decorations, the lights, the music, getting Christmas cards....Just the spirit of Christmas. I said that I was not going to go over board this year since we had a little one and she requires constant supervision these days, but since when was I known for not going overboard?!?! Some things were left out of the rotation this year, but I still put out most of our decorations.
Come on in, I will show you around.
This is our living room tree. Notice the Hog hat on the top. We have done that since the first year were married. A couple of years ago I tried to leave it off and you would have thought I was trying to cut off Flint's left hand (he's a lefty, by the way)! This is one of our three trees.
This one was in our guest bedroom. I just love it because it is red and lime green.
And this is Cilla's tree. It is my favorite and it is fit for a queen.
This is the buffet in our breakfast area.
And here is our breakfast table.
I put the manger in a built-in nook in our entry way. It is perfect there because little hands can't get to it. I plan to get Cilla a nativity set next year that she can play with. What is Christmas if we are not teaching her the true meaning, right?!?!
The "JOY" banner.
The infamous, Emmalie, made this. She sells these at her store here in Waco. She also sells other words besides '"JOY". I love these.
Merry Christmas blocks on Cilla's dresser.
I first saw some of these in Chasing Fireflies and loved them. Then I saw some at Target and just had to get them.
A wreath in mine and Flint's bedroom.
The Guest bathroom
And I think this is my favorite thing of all....Our Stockings. One day I will share why they are so important to me. Oh, how I love our stockings. Little Cilla's was the perfect addition this year. However, the puppies did not think so. They have gotten their own stocking every year, but this year they have to share. Sorry Katie and Sophie.
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Courtney Cox said...

Super cute!! I was asking Michael were Baylor College is located last night. Cause we are headed to Austin for a few days and he is going to be busy the whole time. BUT he informed me that Austin and Waco are not close. ha!!!

The Haynes said...

I don't know why I'm just now seeing your super cute Christmas deco....I just had to share the hog hat with Trent! He loved it! He's already planning for us to go to the spring game!