Saturday, December 11, 2010

Donuts with Dad

Many friends and HolyTurf followers have already heard the fun "news".
But, for those of you who haven't....
Flint is planning to run in the Krispy Kreme Challenge in North Carolina at the beginning of February.
Basically, my friends, you run two miles, eat a dozen donuts and run back two miles all while trying not freeze and, oh yes, while you try not to throw up!!!
Sound grown up?!?!
So, today Cilla and I took one for the team and went to "training" with daddy at Krispy Kreme!  A daddy needs support, right?

I would say training was a success. 
Flint didn't eat all dozen donuts today.  But he put a real nice dent in them.  Real.  Nice.

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my gosh, this made me laugh out loud! I just told Patrick that I finally found a run that was made for me. :) Cilla looks precious as always! So fun. :)