Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sweet Like Sugar

What a week it has been!
Tuesday was a BIG day at our house.  I was born a Razorback fan, and I am pretty sure that aside from the basketball team winning the Nation Championship in 1994, our 2010 football season is about the next biggest thing in my lifetime!  My husband might argue with me on that.  He might say playing in the SEC Championship Game is just as big of a deal, but I beg to differ.  Nevertheless, Tuesday our beloved Hogs tried to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl and we couldn't have been more thrilled.
Cilla all ready for gameday!
A bunch of our daddy friends were in New Orleans to help cheer on the Hogs, so us Mommas and kiddos had our own little watch much as you can watch with toddlers running in circles around you!  The Yazwinski's and the Trumbo's came over and we had a blast!
Stella and Cilla enjoying their cupcakes and watching the pregame!
Gotta have some Hog decor....
and cupcakes?!?!
The outcome was not as we had hoped.  In fact, it was heart breaking.  But, we still love our Hogs!
Thursday, still heart broken, we headed out to have lunch with our friends Sarah and Manny.
  He is such a handsome little guy and oh so sweet!  I could have loved on him all day!
Manny was fascinated by Cilla's crazy hair and surprisingly, she was a pretty good sport.
Lastly, we celebrated a birthday at our house.  Our little Katie Bug turned 12!  Yes 12!  She acts about 5, but I love that about her!  Such a sweet little four-legged love.  We are so thankful that Katie is part of our family!  
Once daddy got home from his trip to New Orleans, we had a small little celebration.
In honor of our football season ending I just had to include this ESPN commercial.  It is not about the Hogs, in fact, it is about the "Tide".  But it is hilarious and sums up football in the south.  If I remember correctly, I am pretty sure the Hogs were called at our wedding reception.  EMBARRASSING!!!!  Only in the south!


Tiffany said...

Wow Cilla is getting so big! I can hardly believe that our girls will be turning 2 in 2 short months!

The Allens said...

How fun!!!!

Kelly said...

I love that Roll Tide commercial too! I think you could pretty much put in "go hogs" and it would be the same here. I love southern football.

Cilla is SO cute!!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Looks like y'all had such a fun watch are quite the hostess! :) We had so much fun and I'm glad Cilla was a good sport about Manny pulling her hair...he is obsessed with that these days! And that commercial cracks me up - I love it!

Anonymous said...

As much as I miss Christian while he's away I do enjoy girls nights with our kids and choas! It always makes for a good time!

The Haynes said...

I've been thinking about you guys!! We are still due for a reunion sometime soon! Trent's begging to go up for the Spring game!