Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Very Harris Halloween

Halloween was lots of fun this year.  I'm actually not a fan of the day, but there is really no way to avoid it with kiddos, so we make the best of it.  
Well, several months ago, Cilla told me she wanted to be a princess for Halloween.  So, of course, I thought it would be super duper cute to coordinate the kids' costumes.  So, Cilla would be a princess.  We had the cutest purple princess dress.  And Duke would be a frog!  Perfect, right?!?!  Well, when you have a three year old {or any kids, for that matter} not everything goes according to plan.  About a week and a half before Halloween, she decided she wanted to be a ballerina.  What?!?!  The kid won't even put on a tutu and has resisted ballet class every time I have offered to sign her up!  Geez!  I fought the idea and finally, the night before her first carnival, I drug my mommy self to Hobby Lobby.  I did what any loving, compassionate, and overly tired mom would do- buy everything my little princess would need to be transformed into a ballerina!  So, Cilla got a pink, pink, and more pink tutu.  And I still stand behind the claim that my three month old is easier than my three year old!  Duke put on his frog costume that I bought for $7 resale two months prior without one teensy  problem!
All that to say, we still had lots of fun this year.
Love this picture of these two!  Love them so much, too!
My tiny dancer!
 I kind of think he is more of a handsome prince, than a frog.  But he sure makes green and slimy look good!
Cilla and Duke with their Nana and Poppa.
 Poppa is crazy about his little buddy, Duke.
And these are two of our favorite blue-eyed people! 
We had a carnival at our gymnastics gym the Friday before Halloween.  Then we had a little lunch party with some sweet friends, a Halloween party with more friends and trick-or-treating!  Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it!


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