Sunday, April 6, 2008

Women of Faith

This weekend, while Flint sayed in Texas to go to the Baylor Football scrimmage, I made a quick trip to Little Rock. It was good to be home with my my madre and padre for a little while, dispite the tornadoes that ripped through town. I don't think it matters how old you are, everyone loves momma lovin!!! My mom and I went to the Women of Faith conference, and boy was it amazing!
I was so blessed by each of the wonderful women who spoke and sang. I had the opportunity to hear Max Lucado, Sheila Walsh, Nicole C. Mullen, Luci Swindoll, Marilyn Meberg, Sandi Patty (who I grew up knowing and loving), and my personal favorite- Patsy Clairmont! This is her picture below. She made me laughed until I cried and then I laughed some more! I want to be just like her! No, actually I want to be her best friend! Seriously, she is so much fun! Her stories are wonderful, but what really makes her beautiful, as well as all of the other gals, is their love for their Savior!

Nicole C. Mullen was another one of my favorites. I just love her music- her powerful and honest songs. Her voice knocks my socks off and she just makes you want to get up and dance with her. True beauty and true talent! One of my favorite songs is "When I Call on Jesus".
The chorus goes like this:
When I call on Jesus,
All things are possible
I can mount on wings like eagles' and soar
When I call on Jesus,
Mountains are gonna fall
'Cause He'll move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call
I know that these are such simple words, but they really speak volumes to me. The past several months I have really been learning the power of prayer- through our transition with Flint's job and through Cilla's (my mother-in-law) illness. It is amazing to see God's work! I thank God that we have the privilage to bring our needs to Him!

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