Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home Sweet Waco

So, here is the long awaited post of pics of our new house! We really like it. We are trying to adjust to less space, but other than that we are comfortable here. I do not have any pics of the outside. I will post them later...when our yard looks a little better!
So come along on the tour with me. I wish I could offer you a drink.
Here is our Kitchen. It is open to the Living Room and the Breakfast Area.
More of the Kitchen. I miss all of my cabinet space.Our Living Room. Minus one chair. There is now an identical chair on the right side of the fireplace. I had this one in Fayetteville, but I had to have another one once we got here to balance the room. Oh by the way...notice the UGLY sofa in far left. That is Flint's favorite piece of furniture ever!!! I am going to have it recovered once I find the right fabric and when we have a little extra money!

This is the view of the Living Room when you walk in the front door. My mom gratiously helped me make curtains, which have not been hung yet. They will hang across this wall of windows. Does anyone know where I might find a 15 foot curtain rod?!?!
Our Breakfast Area. Sorry about the glare.
The Dining Room. This is probably the best pictures I have of my front door, which is one of my favorite features of the house! It is beautiful! These are the same drapes from our previous Dining Room.
The Master Bedroom. It is the exact same color as our bedroom in Fayetteville, however, it appears to be much more blue in Texas! Further proving you should always test your paint colors. They really do change in different rooms with variations of light! These were the same curtains, plus more fabric, that were in our previous bedroom! I loved these curtains so much, we did our room again to match them!
Our bed, minus the bedspread. Please excuse the blanket!

Entering into the Master Bath.
Our Tub
Our Vanities...again, sorry about all the clutter!
Our Shower!
Our Guest Bedroom. Come and stay any time!

Guest Bathroom
Right as you walk in the front door. Down the hall is the Master Bedroom. You can kind of tell in this picture that the walls are a metallic Brown. We did not change it because I thought it was cool and different. I would never have picked that out myself, but I like it. The rest of the house is a dark Beige. The colors in this house are much darker than we previously had. Very uncharacteristic of me. Although brown is one of my favorite colors, I like light, bright, happy colors in my house! But it works for now!

Flint's Pride and Joy: He collects sports memorablilia. For those of you who who are religious followers, you might notice that D-Mac's autograph is on the wall twice. Flint thought he was most deserving of double wall space! More than Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, or Tiger Woods! This room has many functions: office, work out room, and "Cool Room". WHo do you think calls it the "Cool Room". One is not Rebekah!

Many Playstaion games have already been played here!
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Kelly said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Thank you so much for posting pics!!!!! I knew it would be great!
I for one LOVE Flint's cool room. And I agree with him on giving double space to DMAC. He will be glad especially one day when he is the NFL hall of famer I know he will be!

davidcatherinewilson said...

SO pretty! I love your new house and your great decorating. I bet you've been too busy swimming in that pool of yours to post.

Jessica said...

So nice to see a comment from you! : ) Your new house is very cozy and homey. I know you will create great memories there!

Shannon said...

Hi! You are too funny! I'm glad you de-lurked! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE your kitchen! It is so pretty! I enjoyed looking through your blog!

Tell Laura I said "Hi"!

Beth said...

OMG!!! That house is AWESOME!! I will definitely have to stop by if I'm ever in the area!

It was great to see you at the reunion!! Hope to see you again soon!

Ham Family said...

Your house is beautiful, just as I expected! I can't wait to see it all in person -- I just LOVE your personal REBEKAH touches all over the house! :)

Susan said...

Wow, Bek, it's awesome! The kitchen, breakfast area, living room are EXACTLY like ours...only decorated better. I did not get that gene from my Momma. I need major help!

Anonymous said...

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