Sunday, August 24, 2008

One More Week!!!

ONLY One More Week!!! Seriously, ya'll. We look forward to football season starting back the day it ends! Literally, I think Flint goes into depression the day after the National Championship game! We just love college football. If you are from the south (especially the SEC) you know what I am talking about when I say there is nothing else like it!
Sadly, we are not in Fayetteville this year to cheer on our Razorbacks week after week, but don't you worry. We will still be cheering loud and clear from down here in Big 12/Bear country! We are hoping to make it to the season opener this weekend. I can't wait!


Kelly said...

SO exciting!!!! I love this time of year!
GO HOGS!!!!!!!

gtown1 said...

Yes, there's nothing like SEC football...and Big XII is great'll see. I'm jealous you'll be at the game on Thursday--we'll watch from the TV (thank goodness it's national coverage) and too cool. I'll have to post Walker's new BU onesie. We'll be Sic'ing it all the way from MS. Sorry I didn't write back about the job at church--it has been filled...are you still looking? Where have ya'll been going to church? Hope to hear from you soon. PS- We are VERY excited to only be 4 hours from our alma mater (Mississippi State) so we'll be making some of those for sure. And think about you when we play our Hogs. Go Fooball! :) Hope you are adjusting to Waco-I miss it so much, hope you grow to love it as much as we did/ do. ejw