Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Birthday Boy
I am not allowed to make a big deal out Flint's birthday, so this post is a little delayed. We have a deal- since he hates his birthday and I happen to love my birthday. If I make a big deal out of his, he will not make a big deal out of mine! It is a fair trade, I guess. I just do not understand why he always wants to keep his special day on the down low?!?! I still think he had a fun day and deep down enjoys a little birthday attention. Here he is at lunch with the folks from work. I also surprised him and took homemade cupcakes to his office. The girls in his office found some old Kanakuk pictures on Facebook, printed them, and made posters which were hung up all over his office building for coaches, athletes, EVERYONE to see!!! I think that embarrassed him. I reassured the Flintastic that I had NOTHING to with it....except joining in the laughing!!! We had a low key evening, just the two of us, at Chick-Fil-A and then we went to pick him out some basketball shoes. That is what he wanted!
So, Happy Late Birthday, Babe! I love you bunches! I am so proud of you and I thank God that He made you just for me!!!
Flint and I a year ago- at a Razorback Basketball Game before we moved to Texas. That is how we celebrated his birthday last year.
February is a big month for birthdays.
First Flint, then my best friend, Laura!
This wish is a little late, too, but I want Laura to know how much she means to me! She is such a dear and loyal friend. I love her to pieces! She lives in Dallas, too, so enjoy living so much closer to her! This is Laura with her hubby, Brad. We went to the Melting Pot with them not too long back while we were in the DFW Metroplex. I LOVE that place!
Me and Laura at Disneyland-
Our girls' trip to L.A./Orange County
Here we are at the infamous Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.
Now there is one in Dallas and I stop there all the time! Even my dogs LOVE their Sprinkles!
Speaking of Puppy Dogs.....
Somebody Turned 10!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, our little Katie! You would not know it by the way she acts. But personally, I am glad she does not act like a 70 year old!!! We had a little party for her. Her friend Bella the Beagle came over and we gave all of the pups a doggie scone! Actually, Bella's mom and Bella just happened to be at our house to hang out...we did not throw a dog birthday party! But that would have made this post much more humerous!!!
Look how excited Katie is!!! Isn't she cute!!!
Katie about to blow out her candle...or just dig in fire and all!!!!!!!


Mary Kate said...

OMG...what a small world!! That is crazy!! Yes, Pogee is an amazing woman!! I will have to tell her & Mary John I 'know' you!! Too cool!!

Robyn Beele said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! I agree with feeling huge. I CANNOT get any bigger and I am so ready for this baby to come.

The Allens said...

How are you doing? You've had too much going on during your pregnancy! I hate that you don't feel ready. It will be so wonderful when it's time, though! I can't wait for your precious baby to arrive!

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Awww! Happy birthday! Great pics in that post. I especially love the one of you and yoru girlfriends at sprinkles! YUM!

tara said...

the melting pot is one of our very favorite restaurants!! too bad the closest one to us is almost 2 hours away. i love that you give your dog a party too! we have a weimaraner and a great dane, they are just as much the babies now as before our little boy came into the world four years ago. take care of that little one and thank-you for stopping by our blog! tara

Hillary said... that place!!! What great times!!!!