Sunday, February 15, 2009

Under Construction

Just as I am a constant piece of work....This blog was needing some work, too- a face lift and some other updates. In the process I learned that apparently I need to update some things on our home computer and some other things that are, quite frankly, way over my computer illiterate head!!! SO...please bear with me. I lost many of the links in the sidebar and some other things as I started making changes. However, I am making some progress! I am trying to get it all taken care of so we can have a cute new blog.


tara said...

can't wait to see your new blog design!! guess what? great minds must think alike, about three days ago i just paid for an update to my blog too! everytime i log on, i cross my fingers and hope to see the new colors. :)
are you adding a blog button? if so i will add it to our blog. good luck with the process, i know i couldn't take it on. i am using cutest blog on the block. check back! ;)

The Allens said...

Yes! I am so glad to hear you're not uncomfortable around the clock! We have definitely been in the same boat for most of these pregancies!