Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucky 7

You are 7 months old today.
This post is titled "Lucky 7" with hopes that this will be the month you stay healthy and start sleeping better! But, through all the sickness and sleepless nights, your mommy and daddy couldn't love you more!

You were more interested in getting your little hands on the piece of paper and crumbling it up than you were in me taking your picture!
What has been going on in Cilla's little world?
*You had your very first airplane trip to Arkansas and you were fabuloso!!!
*You cut two teeth in a row...bless your heart!
*You have been on two different antibiotics and you had an allergic reaction to one...but we are not sure which we will avoid both at all costs!
*You have been eating all kinds of yummy foods. You are starting to NOT like your green veggies...silly girl, you come by it honest! You still have 5 bottles each day. I am having a hard time breaking you of that.
*I know we are not suppose to talk about a girl's weight, but I think it is excusable when you are 7 months old! You weighed almost exactly 19 lbs at your 6 month check up and when we took you back to the doc this week (i know....i am getting sick of it too, girl!) you weighed almost exactly 19 lbs, still. It is all that moving and standing you love to do!
*The sleeping was better for a while, but the traveling and sickness have thrown us for a loop. Geez!
*You LOVE LOVE LOVE for your daddy to throw you in the air and hang you upside down! It is quite a sight, but I will makes this momma a little nervous sometimes!
*I am beginning to notice just how independent you really are. I think that will be a quality I am thankful for one day! You do not, however, like to be left in a room by yourself and you make it known!!!!!
*You still love Praise Baby and The Baby Einstein videos. And I like them more than ever now! I have learned to shower, get dressed, and put on a little make-up in 30 minutes (sometimes I turn on the repeat to buy a little more time!)
*You are sitting up like a pro and are on the verge of crawling.
*You love to be outside.
*You still love to be on the go and for the most part, you are very adaptable and flexible! Your mommy and daddy thank you!
*You sat in a high chair at a restaurant and in the front of the shopping cart for the first time this past month. You love the freedom it gave you at the table. As for the shopping just want to lounge sideways. MESS!
*You are such a people person. You do not meet a stranger. You made soooooo many new pals in the airports and on the airplanes. You let the lady who was sitting beside me hold you on the flight to Little Rock. You loved her and she loved you.
*You are in to everything! You could be entertained by the remote controls all day long!
*You love when I sing and dance for you....understandably! I am so glad I have someone to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with me, since daddy hates that show! We have that and you and daddy have football!
*You get so tickled at Katie and Sophie. I LOVE it! You all are growing quite fond of each other. Whew! They love you even more now that we are giving you food and you drop it on the ground!
* Nicknames that have stuck to this point: Monkey. Mess and/or Mess Harris. Junior Junior (from Friends, for all you watchers). Baby Cilla. CG. Pumpkin Pie.
Foreshadowing of what is to come. You are starting to get in to EVERYTHING!
If you look very closely, you can see my two front bottom teeth that I got this past month.
Every day keeps getting sweeter! We love you and thank God for brightening our days through you, Little Bit!


Kubin's said...

Thanks for the comment! Your little girl is toooooo cute!!!! I love all the pictures!! Thanks for stopping by.
Ennis TX

Jennifer said...

Happy 7 Month, sweet girl!
I cannot believe how much she has grown. It really goes by so fast!

Jen said...

she is such a sweetie!

The Allens said...

She is really very pretty! I have heard this is one of the best months!

Kristen said...

I feel like I'm reading a post about Cassidy. :) Rebekah, she is such a doll! I love her little flowers at the angle. And I hope she stays healthy this month - poor little girl.

Kim said...

Happy 7 months Cilla! You are such a cutie!

Mad Dog's Mom said...

I think Cilla looks like you in the last picture! I can't believe she is 7 months old! I would say by your description that Cilla has your personality too!!!! Hope you guys come up soon! I can't wait to hold her....

Anonymous said...

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