Friday, October 30, 2009

More Visitors

My college friend, Amber, and her kids made a trip up to Waco from Austin this week. We had such a fun visit! We made another trip back to the zoo which was fun!
Cilla started out in her stroller.....
Here is the Leopard. Not the best pic (through the fence), but I think this is one of the most beautiful animals! Maybe since I love leopard print!?!? This guy looked so authoritative sitting his big self up on his rock!
Cutie pie, Austin, having his pic made in the butterfly!
And she ended up in the Baby Bjorn. This is what happens when you skip the morning nap! Oh well, she was happy being next to her mommy!
Just like last trip, Cilla loved the Giraffes! She just laughed at them! SO CUTE!

Amber and her kiddos, Kaylee and Austin. They are seriously two of the cutest kids!!!
This was Cilla's reaction when she woke up from her afternoon nap and I told her that her friends had to go home.
But, she was happier after I told her she could see them again soon and that she got to dress up in her piggy costume again this weekend!
Isn't this outfit the cutest?!?! Cilla's Grammie, Cilla, bought it for her when I first found out I was preggers! We did not know if a little girl or a little boy would be wearing it. Clearly it looks more like a boy, but nothing a big bow can't fix. She thought our baby just HAD to have this because she called Flint, eleFLINT, when he was little! How cute is that?!?! SO this is one of the few things Cilla has from her Grammie, who loved her to pieces before she was ever born. I will cherish it!

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