Friday, February 5, 2010

Speaking of Birthdays.....

I heard a rumor.......
We have two really special people in our lives that have recently had birthdays and we do not want them to go unnoticed!!!

"Uncle" Peter also turned 30!!!!!
Peter is Flint's best friend. Their friendship goes back to their childhood days as kampers at Kanakuk. Although they have never lived in the same town, they are great to visit each other or, even better, to meet at a fun location!

These are pictures from Flint and Peter's days at Kanakuk!
Peter and Flint in Lake Tahoe
We love you bunches, Uncle Peter!!! You exemplify what it looks like to be TRUE friend. We love living near you and we love all the trips you make to Waco to visit us! We can't wait to see you soon.
XOXO- The Harris Clan


Our precious friend, Kelli, also had a birthday!!!

Most of my pics with Kelli were before the digital age, but I managed to find a few. Lots of you may have never met Kelli, but you have heard lots about her. It is funny because when I first met Kelli, I was friends with her older sister, Paige, who was one of my sorority sisters. Apparently God had bigger plans for our friendship. She was in a bible study that I led when she was a freshman in college and I was senior in college. We instantly took a liking to each other and before we knew it, Kelli was with us all the time. Kelli came to our house to hang out and to study, she would dog sit when we were out of town (by the way, I am still mad at you for graduating), we went to dinner together, she even went to Atlanta to the SEC Championship Football game with us and five more of our closest friends! I say us because Flint and I had just gotten married. She was like a little sister to us...both of us. In fact, I give her a hard time because she calls Flint and I her big brother and sister. I tell her that I am glad we finally crossed the line of being friends and not just mentors! She credits Flint and I for a lot of where she is today. I am so thankful for that. Not because it glorifies me, but it shows what the Lord was able to do through me. I, on my own, had nothing to offer Kelli. The Lord used both Flint and I as a vessel. I am so thankful for the ladies who have played the same role in my life...
Laurie, Kelly, Katie Miller, and Brooke Robinson! Thank you all for being obedient to God's calling and for taking the time to pour into this girl! It did not go unnoticed and you all hold a special place in my heart!
So....back to the Birthday Girl

Okay, so I just LOVE this picture of Kelli! Is she not the most beautiful bride?!?!
More wedding pics!
Kelli and her sweet honey, Josh, made the trip from Branson to Waco just weeks after Cilla was born. We love ya'll and treasure your friendship! I wish we got to see you guys more often. But, our time together is always sweet!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love the pic of Kelli with Cilla! She looks like a natural.

Sally said...

wow - she is the most gorgeous bride. seriously!!! what a great pic!

such fun celebrating the bdays of specials friends!!

miss seeing you Harris'!!

Kelly said...

Such sweet friends!
I am behind and just now reading this and thank you for your sweet words to me and Laurie and the others! It means a lot to me!!