Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I can hardly believe that Cilla is 16 months old today!  I have been terrible at updating about her...moving will do that!  So, brace yourself, this may be a very long post.  But there are so many things that I do not want to forget.  This past month Cilla has really started to turn into a little girl and is rapidly losing some of the sweet little "baby" qualities about her.  I love watching her grow and learn but (sigh) it makes me really sad, too!
Where do I begin?!?!
 *She is so so busy and energetic and mischievous!  Oh, and a dare devil.  She is learning to climb and it may make my hair turn gray!  
*She has such an outgoing personality and such a fun sense of humor.  She is the little person who people love to be around.   
*She has not gotten any new teeth since right after her first birthday.  She is still holding strong to 12 pearly whites!
*She is definitely learning to test her mommy and daddy.  I feel like I tell her "no" more than I tell her anything else.  Let's hope it is getting through that hard head that she has!
*She loves loves loves to swim.  She has been missing our pool in Waco.  But, honestly, her mom and dad are not missing it.  She would walk straight off the edge into the water.  Can we say "No FEAR!"
*She loves our dogs (and all dogs for that matter).  I am not sure the feeling is mutual.  
*She is sleeping like a champ.  She is in bed by 8 p.m. most nights and sleeps until about 7:30 a.m.  
*We have been a one nap a day family since well before we moved back to Arkansas.  She takes between a two to three hour afternoon nap.
*She babbles lots but says few words.  She says "mama", "dada", "nana" (for banana and my mom), "baba" (for balloon)....she knows "duck", "quack", "horse", "naaaaaaaa", "Katie" and she has distinct ways of saying each of these, but it is hard to make them out.
*She is such a girly girl.  She is really into clothes, shoes, and purses.  It really is hilarious and we are not sure where she got it from.  Actually, we know exactly where it came from, but I PROMISE...I did not encourage it!!!
*She loves to read "Barnyard Dance", "Snuggle Puppy", "All the Ways I Love You", and "Kisses".
*When we say "WHOOOOOOO", her hands automatically go up in the air.  Every little Hog fan HAS to know how to call the Hogs!  This one makes us so proud.
*She still loves her giraffe and her paci.
*She is obsessed with her infant carrier and bouncy seat.  She REdiscovered these while we were packing and unpacking during our move.
*She weighed almost 27 lbs last week when I took her to the doctor.  She is still our little chunky monkey.  But the way I see it, there is more Baby Cilla to love on!  And her little legs are just deliciously plump and precious!  I LOVE IT! 
I could go on and on!
Cilla, It is such a blessing to be your mom.  You make me so so proud.  You are smart and witty (and you keep us on our toes) but we love you just the way God made you  Although we have 'toddler moments' several times a day, I still love my days with you.  I don't take one day for granted that God has given me the opportunity to get to spend my days with you; Teaching you.  Despite how exhausting it can be, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  You are so beautiful (which I know) but it makes me so proud when people stop us out in public to gawk over you!  Although I hope you are pretty on the outside, I pray everyday for you to be pretty on the inside.  It makes my heart melt to watch you learn to love others and to begin to have a heart that loves Jesus.  I love you so much more than you will ever know.


Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

What a precious dress, and such a sweet post! :)

Tiffany said...

Love her zebra dress! Can't believe how fast 16 months has gone by for my Riley either!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Such a sweet post - she is precious! Love that dress. :) I didn't know you moved - I am going to be in Waco next month and was going to see if you wanted to meet for lunch or something:) What part of AR are you in? I live right near the border.

Kim said...

She is SO adorable!! I know you just love her to peices!!!!

The Allens said...

That was a beautiful post!

Sarah said...

We've missed seeing y'all (on the blog and at church)! So glad y'all are doing well & Cilla is as precious as ever!!

Laura said...

Cilla is adorable! Glad you are starting to get settled! Looks like I may need to plan a Fayetteville trip sometime soon!

Sally said...

awww!!! i feel like she's changed already since ya'll left!! crazy!!! love that girl!
how are you?? miss seeing your faces in the halls at church. :(

Matt and Cristin said...

Hi....You don't know me. :)
I found you from Kelly's Korner. I know it seems a little ridiculous to ask you this since i don't know you and it is july....but I scrolled down a little and saw the pic of your little darling in the piggy costume...I'm having a girl in september and realize it is only july...but i must know where you found that darling little piggy costume...? or did you make it? My husband LOVEs piggys (pork, bacon, etc....) and think it would be a fun thing to dress our little darling in for halloween. thanks!

Deb said...

Adorable as ever! Sounds like you are having a blast being a mommy, just like me. We miss you.

Shannon said...

She was so good in nursery! She is adorable and SOOO smart! She said a lot of words! :)

Lindsey said...

Did you get my email? I hope I got it right!

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Hi-Just stopped by from Kelly's Korner and glad I did. What a beautiful family you have been blessed with. Your daughter is just adorable. Thanks for sharing Her with us.

I'll be back! :)


Holly said...

Cilla has the most precious little face. This is such a sweet post!

Unknown said...

she is sucha cutie pie!

Jennifer said...

Sweet! Cilla looks so adorable!

Shannon said...

Hey! Of course I would be happy to help you decorate! I seriously doubt you need it but I'm always up for playing around. :)

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Okay, how did I miss this post?? She is precious--we love Barnyard Dance and Snuggle Puppy too!!

Now, on to the important note, how did I miss that you guys were moving back???? We totally need to have a bloggy lunch!!!! Email me at --us hog fans have to stick together. Haha.

Laurie said...

That Cilla is really cute! I am having ya'll over soon!!!!! Loved seeing you today!