Saturday, December 10, 2011

Class Act

I know lots and lots of people will be cheering on Robert Griffin III tonight to win the Heisman.  The obvious, he has turned Baylor's football program completely around during his time there.  Most Baylor fans have never seen such success in their time as a Baylor fan.  Everyone hears what a great guy he is and it is easy to jump on the bandwagon and like a "nice" guy.  I do it!
 But, RG3 truly is a class act.  He just is.  
Flint wrote a great article on HolyTurf about Robert and you can read it here...
It is a great read for guys and gals!  It will seriously make your heart happy to hear that there really are guys like that out there.  
So, obviously Robert holds a special place in our hearts.  He has a heart of gold.  He is an amazing athlete.  He is a hard working, ambitious guy.  He has a smile that could light up a football stadium.  Oh yes, and he was one of Flint's athletes while at Baylor.  So, whether he wins the coveted Heisman tonight, or not, we will be cheering him on in the future.
We have several pictures of Robert from Flint's time at Baylor, but this is one of my very favorites!  Do you think Cilla will ever regret this?!  
Here is a pic of Flint with Robert at this past spring's practice game.
Go RG3 and Sic'em Bears!
We are so proud!

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