Monday, March 19, 2012

A Chic Pink Third Birthday

I had lots of fun working on Cilla's birthday party.  It was so girly and pink.  One of my very favorite places was the inspiration- Anthropologie!
I failed miserably at taking pictures.  I was working up to the last minute getting food ready and I really tried my best to soak it all in with Cilla.  So, along with that comes the lack of pictures!  
I can't even describe how perfect the day was.  The weather forecast all week called for cold weather and rain.  But, God answered my prayers far beyond what I even asked Him to.  The clouds parted on March 10th and it was the most gorgeous day.  The kids played and played outside until their little hearts were content.  It was absolutely perfect!
The birthday girl's cake!  Pretty and pink!
And here is our little birthday girl "helping" get ready for her party!
So excited and anxiously waiting on her friends!
 There was an abundance of desserts.
Mini pink Funfetti cupcakes.
Cake balls served on ice cream cones.
 The food table.  
The menu consisted of: Mini Ham & Turkey Sandwiches, Cucumber Sandwiches, Mini Pizzas, PB& J Sandwiches, Homemade Plain Chips (homemade as in made by one of our favorite local dives!), Homemade Ranch Chips, Corn & Avocado Salsa with Pita Chips, and Fruit Cups

Lanterns made out of doilies hung over all the tables.
Some of my favorite Cilla pictures were displayed.  Why is this always one of my favorite details about her parties?!  Only a mommy and a daddy can truly appreciate it!
The little girl favor bags were adorned with handmade flower hair clips....a great big thank you to Cilla's Nana for this contribution!  They turned out so cute!
A "Cilla" banner hung on the fireplace.  It turned out really cute. 
Wreaths hung on the front doors.
The birthday girl all ready to blow out her candles and dig into her cake.  Which, by the way, was as yummy as it was beautiful!  
I love this smile!
Sweet friend, Adeline and the silly birthday girl!
Opening presents.  Total chaos, but so fun!  There were LOTS of helpers!
Little Miss Jillian was testing out the new toys!
Fun with friends in the bounce house!  I can just hear the laughter and squealing when I look at this picture!  
Zach, Laci, Cilla and Paige
Reid and Hannah playing on the roller coasters.
 Hair in face.  Check.  Ring Pop in mouth.  Check.  Doggie purse.  Check check.  Ready to ride!  I promise I did not knowingly let her run around with a Ring Pop in her mouth!   
Cilla had so much fun and I think for the first time she really enjoyed her birthday!!!  Thanks to everyone for helping Cilla celebrate.  We are so blessed to have so many dear people in our lives!  It was the perfect day.  


Kelly’s Korner said...

The party was PERFECTION! You throw the BEST parties! I'm sooooooo sad we had to miss. We celebrated with you in spirit!

Kubin's said...

Party looked awesome! Our kids are growing too fast! She's so pretty and I love the outfit.

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

All the details were perfect! She did look like she was having a blast and I know Lilly and Reid did!! Blessed to be able to celebrate with you all!

The Allens said...

Love it all!!!!

Kari Beth said...

LOVE the cake balls on the ice cream cones! I'm going to have to remember that one. Cute party :)