Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

This picture is not from this weekend....it is actually from well over a month ago, but I love this one. It is just a measly ole camera phone picture, but it is of two of my very favorite people which is what matters the most!
Our little family enjoying a Sunday lunch.
And this one is not from the weekend, it is midweek.  But we couldn't help but get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we have had here in NWA.  Here is Cilla with some of her besties after bible study this week.
 Friday, we helped our friend, Xander, celebrate his 2nd birthday.  Cilla had so much fun playing outside and playing with bunches of her sweet friends!  Xander's mommy did a little Friday morning play date birthday party and it was perfect!  Why haven't I thought of that?!?!  I am sure all the daddies appreciated not having to give up their Saturday for another toddler's birthday party!  I know they enjoy their time together, just like we mommies do, but let's face it...these parties get a little crazy!
Of course, Cilla always loves the birthday cake!
 And the birthday boy!
Friday evening was Friday Night Out at our church.  This is a win for everyone!  Cilla gets to go to church and play with her friends and mommy and daddy get an adult night out without having to get a sitter.  Flint and I went out with another couple for pizza.  We had a fun double date night!
 Saturday was a laid back day.  A much needed day of not being filled to the brim!  This momma needed that!  I did fit in a little shopping trip to our local consignment sale, Rhea Lana.  Since everything is put away, I will have to share more on purchases later.
Sunday was another day of enjoying time together as a family.  Here is our little munchkin after lunch at Jason's Deli.
 She cracks me up.  First thing she does when she walks in the door is put on her Cinderella glass slippers.  She would wear these day and night if we would let her!
This weekend was one of the most laid back relaxing weekends we have had in LONG time.  I have to say, I loved it!

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Hillary said...

I love that she puts on her princess slippers as soon as she gets home! Pretty Princess!