Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a fun Easter weekend as a family.  It was a jam packed weekend, but fun.
This little sweetie had so much fun celebrating Easter this year and was quite the little competitive egg hunter!  
The celebration started Thursday at her Mother's Day Out class.  She was ready to go with her basket, Gigi, and Pink Blankie in tow!
 Saturday, we went to Sawyer's birthday party to start the day off.  I will post pics later.  Then we headed to the Egg Drop that was just down the street from our house.  I wasn't sure how Cilla would react to the mass of people, but I guess the motivation for candy was her drive!  She loved it!
 The helicopter dropping eggs.  Then they were off and running!  Adults and kids both!  It was crazy!
 We saw some of our friends.  
Brody, Jillian and Cilla showing off their treasures!
 We managed to squeeze in a little nap then we headed off to Saturday evening church service.
I love this little girl so much!  Melt my momma heart!
 Easter morning was a much needed relaxed morning since we went the nontraditional route and went to church on Saturday evening.  We woke up and had homemade pancakes!  My two little lovebugs' favorite!
Then we thought we would take advantage of the beautiful weather and our love for Razorback baseball so we headed to the Hogs' game.
 The RBI girls are still top-notch in Cilla's book.
 And she is growing quite fond of Ribby, surprisingly.  The Easter basket of candy helped!
After the game and a little afternoon rest, we headed over to some of our best friends' house to celebrate and let all of our crazies play together!  It was mass chaos!  Before dinner, we had a little egg hunt for all of the "big" girls!  
Cilla's "sisters" as she sometimes calls them!  These four love like sisters, but fight like sisters.  
Paige, Avery, Laci and Cilla- all together equals one big mess!  
Ready to hunt eggs.
But not without hearing the story of Easter, first!
And they're off!
Paigey was on the GO!
In the midst of all the craziness we found ways to teach Cilla what the true meaning of Easter!  She was a little sponge this year and took it all in.  That is rewarding as her mommy! 
Cilla has a little book that I think perfectly tells about Easter.

"He had to die upon a tree
To save us from our sin.
But he was only dead three days,
And then he rose again.
Now, that's what Easter really means!
It's quite a special day.
Jesus our Savior rose again.
Hooray!  Hooray!  Hooray!
Today he sits right next to God
In Heaven up above.
He wants to live inside you too
And fill you up with love!
Okay, now I get it.
The Easter Bunny is okay,
And Easter eggs are fun.
But Easter's not about that stuff...
It's all about God's son!"

I couldn't say it any better myself!


Katie said...

Love that first picture! So precious.

The book about Easter is perfect!

Elena Manasieska said...

Great message!