Thursday, April 5, 2012

So Blessed

Spring Break has come and gone and we managed to go from a low key restful week with no plans to a jam packed, fun-filled, crazy week.  But, apparently this Harris family wouldn't have it any other way!
We enjoyed playing outside before cooler weather rolled in.
 Cilla is starting to look like such a big girl to me and I am not so sure that I like it.  This is the norm these days.  Our three year old in motion.  She DOES. NOT. STOP!

We had a little play date with our sweet friends Sydney, Stella, and Emerson.  Kelly, Harper and Hollis.  And Jennifer, Brody and Jillian.  It was crazy fun!  There was lots of lip gloss everywhere (poor Brody) and my bedroom was completely sanitized with Wild Berry flavored hand sanitizer, but we loved our time with our friends!  Afterward, I requested a Girls' Night Out so we could actually visit!
In this picture these four crazies were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Not sure why we all make the effort to get together to watch TV?!?!  But, hey, it bought us about 7 minutes of peace, calm and conversation!
We had a lunch date with the Richey girls.  Cilla loves her friend, Adeline, to pieces and always enjoys getting to play with her.  Too bad these two wouldn't sit together for a picture....or sit down period, for that matter! 
Here is all I got of Adeline! 
.....and of Cilla!
 We ran to the mall to pick up a couple of things.  What mall trip is complete without a stop on the carousel?!?!  For months and months she didn't realize these things moved, but there is no getting by with that any more.  Does anyone else fight this battle?!?!
 I worked at Bliss one night and Flint and Cilla came up to visit and "help" me.  On our way home we took cupcakes to the firemen and policemen as a small "thank you" for helping keep our community safe. Cilla thought it was so cool to walk into the fire station and see the firemen and the fire trucks.  She even asked where the fire dog was!  They were so nice to her and got her an official fire hat!  Too bad this was all I got of her wearing it!
 Cilla loves loves loves her puppy dogs!  I happened to catch a sweet moment of her loving on Sophie.  This is a rare sweet moment since much of the time she is chasing after their tails!
Our friends, the Scott's, had a perfect little tea party to help conclude our week of fun!  I will have to post more on this later, because it was so so cute!  Sara outdid herself and all our little crumpets had the best time!
We met Hannah and her mommy and daddy for dinner then they came over to play.  These two are a MESS!  But, nonetheless, they had fun dressing up together.
.....and of course, watching a princess movie!
 And the perfect ending to the week.....dinner and TCBY!
I was kind of looking forward to a spring break full of resting and laying around with not too much of anything to do.  But, I am so glad we got to take advantage of our break from our normal routine and see some friends that we don't get to see nearly enough!  I know I say this all the time, but I feel so blessed that God has given us such dear friends who are in the same season of life as we are!  So BLESSED! 


The Allens said...

This was a wonderful post! I love that sweet girl so full of life!

Val said...

Adorable. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.