Friday, May 4, 2012

Razorfest 2012

There has been a lot of hype over the Razorback football team the past few weeks and Razorfest and the spring football game were no exception!  Flint took Cilla this year to Razorfest and I met up with them a little late.  They had a big ole time!  What a difference a year makes.  Last year Cilla was overwhelmed by the mass amount of people and wanted to be carried the entire time.  This year was quite the opposite.  Little Miss was ready to go and do it all!  The monstrous bounce houses did not stop her.  She climbed right up and slid right down and then wanted to cut to the front of the line and do it all over again!
.....and because everything this child wears should have pink in it......we had to find a RED and PINK outfit for the occasion!!!
The morning started with pancakes per Cilla's request.  Daddy and Poppa were her breakfast dates.
I told you the bounce houses didn't phase her!
 All smiles!
Daddy's little Razorback.  
It was a fun treat to see some of our friends.  Cilla loves her Stella!  And I love that her arm is around Stella's neck...literally!  They are such sweet little friends and they have so much fun together.
Cilla also got to see another one of her besties, Anna Kate!  She loves Anna Kate.  A LOT!  She is such a lover.  Her friends hold such a special place in her heart and she is so loyal to them!  I love that about her!
Marci tried to get Anna Kate to go down the big slide with her, but Anna Kate bailed.  So, Cilla was there to step in without any hesitation!
Such a fun day!