Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Big Preschool Girl

Today, Cilla started 3 year old Preschool.  Not gonna lie,I shed a few tears this morning.  Will it be good for her?  Absolutely!  Do I need it?  Double yes!  But there is just something kind of emotional about this milestone!  I was fine leading up to today.  But, seeing the big kids at the crosswalk carrying their backpacks and when I saw the school buses driving to school this morning I just couldn't hold it in any more.  I guess the reality finally sank in.  It's hard letting go!  
She is so so excited about big girl school.  About her class.  Her teacher.  Eating in a big lunchroom.  Having P.E. class.  The playground at school.  I can't wait to hear about all of her new experiences.
 She looks like such a big girl in her uniform.  She chose a bubblegum pink shirt and a navy skirt over khaki because, "I don't like khaki, momma!"  I guess it is not fashion forward enough for her!
Her only reservation was having to get up so early.  She walked in like such a brave big girl, hung up her backpack and sat in her chair.  She went straight for a purple crayon and her daddy, brother and I left her as happy as she could be.  
Cilla Grace Harris,
Your mommy and daddy are so excited about this new chapter and we are so proud of the little girl you are growing into!  You are beautiful on the inside and out.  We love you so much!  I can't wait to hear about all of your fun adventures this year!  You bring us so much joy!

After dropping my baby girl off, I surprising held myself together and went on with my day.  Duke and I ran a couple of errands and he had his first play date with his buddy, Jake which meant I got to have a little time with one of my dear friends, Kelli.  So so thankful for her friendship!
So, Jake did way more playing than Duke, but I see lots of trouble in these two's future!  
We had such a happy first day at school.


Jennifer said...

Such sweet pictures!! How in the world are our big babies in preschool?? SO happy it was a great first week!
I think the little girl uniforms are so stinking cute. There is not a lot for us to work with when our options are just shorts or pants and of course, no accessorizing for the boys. :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Congratulations on Duke! I keep forgetting to comment but I am so excited for you. Cillia is so big now. Yes, I agree, preschool is good for the big sister and the Mama. Evie starts back on Tuesday and I am ready!

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