Sunday, September 16, 2012

County Fair

Like everything else in my life right now, this is a bit late!  I am trying my hardest  to keep up with the happenings of the Harris fam or I know I will regret not documenting more!  I already do!
A couple of weeks ago the county fair was in town.  Cilla has been looking forward to it since she got back  from Lake Tahoe with her daddy!  They went to a carnival and rode rides on Father's Day, so she has been pumped at the possibility of doing it again.  The week that the fair was in town was a crazy one.  Lots of rain and lots going on.  But this sweet baby girl was way too excited not to take her!  Her Nana and Poppa stepped up to the plate and helped this overwhelmed momma out!
I'm so thankful they did because she had a blast!  She was literally all smiles from the time we arrived.
 The teacups were her favorite!  She rode the first time with her mommy, then got brave and rode twice by herself!
 I love this picture!  You can almost hear the squeals!
 She and Poppa rode the Ferris Wheel while Mommy, Nana and Brother watched.
 And of course our little animal lover loved all the livestock!  This calf was her favorite.  We joke that one day she will be involved with FFA or 4H and will show her animals at the fair!
Sweet, sweet memories with Nana and Poppa!


Katie said...

SO sweet, Rebekah! Love that first pic. ; )

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, she is growing up way too fast! Can't wait to see you all soon!!

Jenny B. said...

Cilia is SO beautiful! Can't believe how big she is!

Kubin's said...

Her face while spinning in the tea cup is perfect!!! She's beautiful

kingshuk sen said...
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