Thursday, September 20, 2012

TWO Months Old

Duke was TWO months old this week.  Despite the craziness, we managed to get a few pictures to mark the milestone!
He cracks me up. 
 I just thought Cilla had the most serious faces as a baby, but he puts her to shame.
 Being two months old is rough on a little man!
 It's tiring to be so cute!
 This one is for Cilla.  She wanted me to take his picture with his giraffe.
 I just love his big ole cheeks!  Sweetness!
Duke Update:
I have no idea what our little buddy weighs but he has grown so much the last week.  He has almost grown out of 3 month clothes!  BIG BOY!
Sleeping, well, we are still working on that!  We are lucky to get a five hour stretch from 11 pm to 4 am.
He is a big fan of the swing.  He sleeps in the Nap Nanny.  And he gets swaddled at night, like it or not!
He eats like a champ!
He still has a lot of blank stares, but he is starting to smile at us.  He has a sweet smile with sparkly eyes.  I am ready to see more of it.
He has enormous eyes and they are so blue.  I would not be disappointed if they stayed that way!
He has had lots of firsts this month.  A birthday party.  First time to church.  First night away from home...and mommy!  His first play date.  His first Razorback gameday.  He has been a busy boy!
He is a little snuggler.  Way more than his big sister ever was.  He would be perfectly happy if you would sit and hold him ALL. DAY. LONG!
He has already acquired a handful of nicknames.  Dukester the Candy Machine (he can thank his sis for that one day!), Bubba or Bubby, and Brother Bear are the big ones.
And that is our two month old in a nutshell!


Laura said...

Woo Hoo! Love the update! Can't wait to hold this little snuggler!

Jennifer said...

He is such a doll!! How in the world is he already 2 months old? I feel like it goes by even faster with the 2nd child!
The picture of him and the giraffe might be the sweetest face I have ever seen!
Happy 2 month, Duke!! We love your cute little self so much!

Katie said...

He's SO cute, Rebekah! I think he looks like you. ; )

Stacey said...

SO precious! I can't wait for him to meet his friend Olivia! :) Love y'all so much!

wacocampbells said...

So so cute!!!

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Char lotte said...

So cute baby, Thanks for sharing nice pics....

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Matt and Kristen said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I love this pillow you have with all the stats on it. Where did you get this?