Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reality T.V.

I am sad to see The Bachelor and American Idol come to an end in the same week. I know.I know. I really should not watch trashy television such as The Bachelor, but I get so into it! I really did not care who Lt. Andrew Baldwin chose in the end...I just want to see him find someone that would make a good wife for him and for the two to be happy together. Hopefully he found that in Tessa.

As for American Idol...I DID have a preference and she made me proud! Congrats to Jordin Sparks!!! Jordin is a fellow Kanakuker (and has been for several years) and is a really great gal from everything we have heard about her. I hope that Jordin has a long successful career. She truely is a talented singer! Props also go out to Melinda! She is going to be a superstar, too! I was so proud to see her singing with BeBe and CeCe on the finale. She also made some bold song choices that reflected her faith. It made me proud to see her taking a stand.

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