Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Father's Day (a little late)

***Flint is the cutie baby in the picture above with the cowboy boots on! He is with Dooley (his half-brother), his dad, his mom, Haley (his half-sister), Mama Harris (his grandmother), and Big Daddy (his grandfather and best friend growing up!)***
Flint and I were talking this weekend about how important a dad's role is in the family. We both feel that a dad determines the lives of his children by the role that he plays in the family. We are both so thankful to have dads who love us and who were always there for us no matter how busy things were for them or how tired they were. We both commented on how much it means to us that they were always at our ball games, dance recitals, piano recitals, and all of the other things that they were at that they probably would have rather NOT been at.

So today we want to thank our dads for all that they mean to us! Thank you for the roles that you have played in our lives and for making us who we are today! We love you both!

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