Saturday, June 23, 2007

Texas on My Mind

Last weekend Flint, the dogs, and I headed to Dallas/Fort Worth for a long weekend getaway. We had a blast, as always. We got to see many of our friends and family that live in the area. Flint spent a lot of time with Corby and Peter which works out well for me because that usually means I get to hang out with Lauren. Lauren and Corby are precious friends of ours. I got to go shopping with Lauren at Northpark, one of my favorite malls EVER! Flint even got to see Josh Brown. Flint and Peter were Corby and Josh's counselors the summer they were chiefs at kamp. SO, it was a fun little reunion for them all to be together again. Flint was pretty sure the last time they were all together was at our wedding which was almost five years ago!!! We also got to see Flint's half-brother and his family. Ray, aka Dooley, and Pam have two darling children. It is always good to see them! The little girl above is my niece Anne Caroline. She was trying on hats for her dad for father's day!

Besides seeing friends, we got to have lots of good food! Flint and I don't hardly know what to do with ourselves when we go down to Texas and we have such awesome food choices. It is such a change from being in Fayetteville! I even had two firsts- I am almost embarassed to say that I had never eaten at Railhead Barbeque in Fort Worth and I had never been to the infamous Snuffers in Dallas! Both we almost religious experiences!!!

We also did a lot of relaxing, hense the pictures of the dogs. It was so nice to have a break from work and everything going on at home. We slept late and did a lot of laying around! Unfortunately for the the pups it rained almost the entire time we were there. There is a wonderful walking trail only blocks from the Harris' house, but they did not get to enjoy the walking and the swimming this visit. So, instead you can see pictures of them laying around. I did not do a very good job of taking pictures. Thanks Ray and Cilla for letting us come and crash at your house!

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