Saturday, June 23, 2007

While the boys are away...

The girls will play!

A couple of weeks ago, both Flint and Chris were out of town all week. So, Katie and I decided to have one big slumber party...all week long! It was kind of of like we were back in college again! We had oh so much fun! First off...I got to fill in as "Coach" for Chris at childbirth class! That was an experience. I found out more than I care to know about the whole process! But now I am ready in case Chris cannot fulfill his duties when Paige starts to make her entrance into this world!!! We also made a trip to Lake Fayetteville to let the dogs swim...which was also an adventure! We had movie nights and pillow talk and we had sushi night and ate lots of ice cream sundaes! Katie is so much fun...there is no end to the laughing when we are together. I had a fun week with her! I love you Katie...and you too Angel!

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Kelly said...

Sounds like so much fun! Sometimes I miss the days of living with girls!