Saturday, August 4, 2007

Five Wonderful Years

It is hard to believe, but yesterday Flint and I celebrated FIVE years of marriage. That scares some people, but let me tell you how wonderful it has been! Our marriage is one of the most valuable things to me. I love having my best friend for a husband.

It is so funny how the Lord works. He brought Flint into my life when I least expected it, but in His perfect timing! I was not looking for love or even a relationship at the time…I was just having “fun”. It did take me a little while to take interest, but Flint waited for me and the Lord worked on my heart and the rest is history. I am so thankful for Flint’s discernment and his persistency in seeking his Heavenly Father and then me! After a bumpy spring semester and summer of 2001, It took only one of our first dates of sitting out in a thunderstorm in Razorback Stadium waiting for the Hogs to take on Tennessee for Flint to know that I was the one for him!

Now, over five years later, I know that things couldn’t be more right. I see more and more everyday how God so fearfully and wonderfully made Flint and when He made him, He had me in mind to be Flint’s wife! When I hear Coach McDonnell or Coach Van Horn bragging about how awesome Flint is at his job or I see Flint diligently work to finish his PhD I think- “That’s MY man!” Then I watch him so lovingly help his mom, hold babies, or play with kids OR we hold hands and spend sweet moments together in prayer I think- “God perfectly answered my prayers!” Then when he surprises me with fun things, he tells a joke and I laugh until my side hurts, we go on great weekend getaways, or we just stay at home and watch Sweet Home Alabama together I know that he couldn’t be any more right for me. Being married to Flint is so much fun! It has been a wonderful five years and I look forward to the next five years!


Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 5 years! I still remember how fun and pretty your wedding weekend was! I was so proud to be apart of it!

Mindy said...

hope you guys had a great anniversary. time has flown by. love all the pics of the 2 of you.

Megan said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! I remember your wedding day like it was yesterday. I was honored to stand up there with you, Rebekah. Congratulations!

Beth said...

WOW! I can't believe it's been five years! Time flies when you're having fun, huh? I remember Megan showing me the pictures right when she came back. You guys had a beautiful wedding!