Thursday, September 6, 2007

I know...I am horrible at this whole blogging thing!!! This is much delayed, but I will still post for the heck of it!!! Many of you have already asked how our fifth anniversary was....Well....I ended up working ALL day! The original plan was to take the day and either go on a road trip or just hang out together. Then as the day grew older...the plan changed to hanging out all afternoon. Then 5:30 rolled around and I was walking into the house after a full day of stressful work! My poor husband! He was a really good sport, though. We ended up having a really nice dinner at the Seafood Market in Fayetteville, which, by the way, was fabulous!!! We also went to see the Bourne Ultimatum, which if you have not seen it- GO! It is well worth it! It was favorite Bourne movie thus far! We did not really exchange gifts (just some little, sentimental things)- we left for L.A. just a few days after and we are going to Jamaica in November for a wedding! I guess those are our anniversary gifts!

High point- just spending time with my wonderful hubby! I know I am partial, but he is the BEST! Even when all of our special plans fell by the wayside, we made the best of it and still loved just spending time together- that it what is most important! I love you, Flintastic. You are fantastic in my book!

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