Thursday, June 19, 2008

Molly Ann

I sat to down at my computer to catch up on the blogging that I have let slip through the cracks over the last couple of crazy months. I was checking my account on facebook and the Lord led to to my friend, Virginia's blog, and then on to Full of Boys blog. **This is the point of humiliation.** I was preparing to type about our new house, our travels, and life over the last few months and then life was put into perspective for me.

Here is the story that the Lord wanted me to read about today and the precious family that he wanted me on my knees in prayer for. Many of you either know or have heard of Dennis Rainey of Family Life. His daughter went to the University of Arkansas with me and I knew of her. She was precious! Her and her husband recently had a baby girl, named Molly, who was born with some severe health problems.

I do not know when you will reading this post, but as I type, the family is preparing to take this precious baby off of life support. I can't even imagine. Please take the time to read about the Mutz family. It will touch your heart. Join me in praying for them, because they have a very hard road I hope I never have to walk.

Praying for Molly
Molly Mutz Update
Turning eyes to Jesus

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Anonymous said...

I just posted the last post on Molly's life. Yet, as short as her life was, many people were touched. IF you have anything you would like to say the Mutz family, please visit the site below and leave a comment. We are making a book for them with everyone's sentiments.