Monday, June 30, 2008

Thad Cockrell and Matt Wertz

***Okay, so I do not know what happened with this post. The text and the pictures just never showed up! I have had trouble getting blogger to upload my pics and publish my text, but I think we have that worked out now!***

So, here's a funny little story! A while back (probably several of my stories will start like this, since I am so stink'in far behind on blogging!!!), Flint's BF, Peter, came down to Waco for an overnight visit. We had a great time hanging out around the pool and taking him to some of our favorite local spots. On Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Dallas to meet up with my BF, Laura, and her hubby, Brad. We were going to go to dinner and then go to the House of Blues to see a long-time friend of Flint's and Peter's play. Thad Cockrell, was a friend of they guy's since their early days at Kanakuk. Some you have heard Thad live and may not even remember it. He played at our Rehearsal Dinner. Anyway. We met up with Laura and Brad and went to eat at Luna de Noche...pretty good smackins...and in walks Thad. We were all thinking to ourselves...aren't you opening a show in just a little while?!?! Thad is a very laid back personality! So, he gave us some backstage passes, visited for a second, and told us to meet him after the show! So after Thad played, we decided to head back, since after all, it was Thad we were really there to see! He was great by the way!!! Now comes the good part! Thad meets us at the dressing room door and announces that we are entering as we walk in. Flint, immediately proceeds on into the restroom to find Matt getting dressed! Let me clear this up...he was not naked or anything more like just missing his shirt. He probably just went into the restroom to be respectful. Matt had a great sense of humor about it. It made for a great story and some laughs! So, we all meet Matt, when he comes out of the restroom, and then he is off to do his show. We sit down in the lounge and Peter picks up Thad's guitar, after a few minutes, and starts strumming on it. I know it feels like I am rambling, but these are important details to the story. SO a few minutes later, Matt's agent (we do not know his name so we will just refer to him as "the agent") rushes into the dressing room in panic and asks Thad if Matt could borrow his guitar. One of the strings on Matt's guitar broke during the show. So Thad's guitar is rushed to the stage and they bring Matt's guitar back. "The agent" evidently had no idea how to change strings and Thad was MIA at this point, so "the agent" asked Peter, whom he had previously seen strumming Thad's guitar, if he knew how to change strings! Of course Peter knew...Peter can seriously do ANYTHING! It really is phenomenal. The boy can pick up on anything...he will beat you at your own game! So the pics I have posted are proof that Peter saved the show that night! That is Peter changing the guitar strings on Matt Wertz's guitar during his show!

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