Monday, April 13, 2009


The weekend before Easter our Sunday School class had an Easter egg hunt and picnic. It was tons of fun! Cilla was the youngest of almost 30 kiddos!!! Our class is blessed with lots of kids. Cilla will have lots of friends and her pick of boyfriends...since most of them are boys!!! She slept through her first Easter egg hunt and enjoyed being held the entire time!
Our friends Josh and Kelli came down to Waco Easter weekend to meet Cilla! We had so much fun being with them! We went to a Baylor tennis match, visited the Dr. Pepper soda shop (FYI- Waco is where Dr. Pepper is made!), went to Cafe Cappuccino and Ninfa's, and enjoyed hanging out and good company!
(I did not do a good job of taking pictures)
Thanks for making the trip to see us. You guys mean the world to us.

We love ya'll!!!!

***This is what you look like when you are the mother of a new born! I look ten times worse standing next to beautiful Kelli!!! At this point I am not sure how many days I had gone without washing my hair!!! I am embarrassed to admit that!


Ham Family said...

Every Mom out there reading this blog entry understands about the not washing your hair for days thing. We ALL are like that, so never feel bad. There are honestly just days you don't get to yourself... just enjoy your precious baby girl because she won't be this size very long!

Ham Family said...

...and by the way, I think you look great! You always do!

Mandy said...

you look great! (and it's really better to go as long as possible w/out washing your hair-keeps all those good oils :) i wash my hair-maybe 2X week.
I was on staff in Harrison w/ K-Life the same time Josh was a volunteer w/ Institute...small world!
Cilla is such a cutie-girls are so fun...

Sally said...

awww, how fun. :) you definitely hit up all the waco fun spots...let's do ninfa's soon - i love that place. :)