Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Month

Guess who is one month old today?!?!?

I know it sounds soooo cliche, but I really can't believe how fast the last month has gone! I think until you watch your baby grow up right in front of your eyes, you really don't grasp how fast life goes by! Time...please stand still! It has been a month full of ups and downs...but the most wonderful month of my life! I really never knew I could love something so much or think that such simple things were so cute! I never knew how much I loved and appreciated Flint. He has been wonderful to me and to his little girl and it melts my heart to see him with her!
A little about our life with Cilla:
*I have had up to 5 hours straight of sleep a couple of times this month. WHo knew that would feel so wonderful?!?!
*Eats every three hours during the day and between 4 to 5 hours at night. Wakes up once in the middle if the night to nurse. I usually do not put her down until about 10:30ish.
*LOVES to be held...I don't blame her!
*Rarely cries....unless she is hungry or of course wants to be held.
*LOVES her bath. She lets us pour water all over her body and on her face. If she could smile...she would! It is so cute!
*Is amazing when we go out! She loves to go...just like her mommy! She has been out about every day of her life since she was 5 days old. She has been out to eat several times, to the grocery store, to Target, shopping, to the doctor's office, to her dad's office, to several Baylor tennis matches, to a Sunday School picnic.....
Her first restaurant experience was at Jason's Deli. She slept the entire time!
*Has been left with a sitter. Her Nana stayed with her once and my friend and BSF Leader, Stephanie, kept her one night so Flint and I could have a night out.
*Loves to ride in the car.
*Thinks our puppies Sophie and Katie are interesting. A little unsure of them giving her "kisses".
*Not much of a swaddler. She has to have her arms out and is constantly flinging them around! Flint calls her the band director!
*Still has blue eyes.
*Loves for me to read her bible stories from her bible story book.
*Is a very noisy sleeper.
*Loves to curl up beside her dad and sleep...SO CUTE!
*Unfortunately, likes the TV a lot! She comes by it honest.
*Has the biggest belly I have ever seen and she loves to stick it out! But, it is so precious and so her!
*Was labeled feisty at 5 days old by her doctor and is still living up to it! She wants so badly to hold her own bottle and to hold her head up!
*Has acquired the nicknames Frogger, Chunky Monkey, LC (for Little Cilla), Cills (thanks Jordan!), and definitely gets called Cilla Grace lots.


Kelly said...

Awwww... thanks for sharing Bek. She is soooo pretty. I loved getting the chance to visit on the phone earlier this week. And I am dying to get my hands on that precious little girl. Love you

Rachel said...

She is so precious, Rebekah! I am so glad that things are going well, and that you are getting a little bit of sleep :)

Kelly said...

She's so cute!!!!! They grow too fast! I want to see pics of the nursery!!! It looks so cute!

Robyn Beele said...

She is just precious! I agree time flies by so fast. Just wait till she smiles! The best moment ever!

Jen said...

so sweet! congrats on having one month under your just gets better and better! =)

Katie said...

This is great. Love the sweet and also "real" pic! Her pink headband/flower is precious. Can't wait!

alyssa said...

one month already! how can that be!! she is so cute!! love that last picture :)

Sally said...

OMG!!! It's been 1 month already?? my gosh! She is precious...and love that final pic. hee hee, classic.
hugs to you, hope to see you at church tomorrow.

Megan said...

Ok, how about we get together the morning of April 25? We'll be in town because Charlie is in a wedding that night. I can't wait to see yall!

Randy and Amanda said...

I love the nickname "Cills" . That is super cute! Cherish every moment, she is precious :)

tara said...

it is amazing how good five hours straight feels! :)
what a precious little doll Cilla is! love all her nicknames, even her "feisty" one! :)
Happy first Easter little bunny!

Deb said...

She is adorable, and I can't believe it's been a month already. We need to talk about how to get her in bed to stay at 10:30pm. I need help with that and pumping. Let's talk or email this week...

Ham Family said...

I can't believe how much she's changed over the past month -- she gets cuter & cuter if that's even possible!! Can't wait to see you guys; did you get the package I sent?

Jenna said...

Oh, she is just a DOLL. Loved learning more about her! Just precious! Happy 1 month (a few days late), to that pretty girl!