Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tennis National Championship

Flint has been in College Station the last several days with the Tennis teams. Cilla and I decided to join him for a couple of days so we would not be home by ourselves.
This is Jordan holding Cilla. She is one of Cilla's favorite babysitters!!! Jordan has already offered to write Cilla's rec for Tri Delt when she goes through rush in the fall of 2027!!! Jordan was a Delta at Baylor and now works with Flint.
Momma's little Delta says "Sic'em Bears"
(she also says "Whoo Pig Sooie!")
Chill'in at the hotel waiting for the next match

... and the picture above is our baby monitor. I looked at it the other day while she was napping and it was no surprise to me that her thumb was planted in her mouth. She has been trying to get this down the last couple of weeks and it finally happened! You can also see in this picture that she is still sleeping in her carrier! It is working like a charm! You can't get the best of us, Acid Reflux!!!
***I think in this picture she had just pulled her thumb out of her mouth.


Sally said...

wait a minute...can i still write her a pi beta rec??? hee hee... she's so angelic, and you know, angels were our lil "mascot thingee" in pi phi. :)

hee hee, totally kidding, love it!

His Doorkeeper said...

That second picture of Miss Cilla is just darling!
I don't know how big Kappa Alpha Theta is at Baylor but I am an alumn. If she needs a rec, let me know. I will probably be in an assisted-living place by then, but my all means, let me know and I'll see what I can do!!! har

Kelly said...

Rebekah - she is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!!!!!!

Ham Family said...

She is so cute & already getting so big! OK - we MUST get together soon. Let me know what your next few weeks look like...

MiMi said...

She is absolutely adorable! Love that second picture of her!

Julia Harvey said...

I told you how much I love Thumb-suckers!