Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Girls

We celebrated two birthdays this week.
My baby girl, Cilla, turned two months old. I can't believe it has been two months!!! And my first baby girl, Sophie, turned 10!!! Also hard to believe!!! I love both of these girls very much! They both bring lots of joy to my life!
Look how "tall" she is getting. We go back to the doctor Monday for shots. I will be interested to see how she falls in comparison to other babies her age.
She has changed so much the last few weeks!
*Still loves to be "out and about".
*Loves to ride in the car.
*Loves her paci and is trying oh so hard to find her thumb. I keep shoving the paci in though. Way easier to break paci sucking than thumb sucking and lots less corrective dental work!!!
*She holds her head up so well! I love to see her stick her neck out like a little turtle!
*Speaking of neck...I think her little neck is the cutest! I am always kissing on it. Love it!!!
*Loves "Praise Baby". So does her mom...It allows me to shower!
*Usually sleeps between 6 and 7 hours consistently before wanting to eat. However, she can sleep up to 9. The secret is out!!!
*I hate to admit this, but it is working for us......she sleeps in her car seat right now. It has made for way better nights. She was having some tummy trouble and I think this is really helping.
*Loves her doggies.
*Loves to watch fans. It is hilarious!

For Sophie's birthday, I got cupcakes from What About Cupcakes?, the local cupcake bakery! They were delish! If you live in Waco, I highly recommend the Oreo and Cream cupcake! But, I have yet to have one I do not like!

Here is the birthday girl on her BIG day!

She had the cupcake devoured in no time! She and Katie got mini Vanilla cupcakes and Flint and I had big kid size cupcakes!!! Yum-O!!!


The Sredin's said...

Rebekah, I love how you used the sign in the monthly pics! I wish I would have done that! I guess I could start now. Harrison just turned 4 months old. Time really does fly by! I can't believe Hunter is 3 years old already!

Susan said...

I love how Sophie is sticking her tongue out in that last pic.
How far are you from College Station? My cousin lives in Iola, which is right by CS. She and I just did a roadtrip together seeing family in Mississippi and Florida. Anyhow, we're gonna come visit her and her family (daughter's name is Sophia) this Fall. Maybe we could see ya'll too?!