Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pebble Beach and Texas

So, Flint and his buddies started a tradition last year of getting together and having a LIVE fantasy football draft rather than doing it on the computer. Last year, all the guys came to Waco. This year, they decided to have a destination fantasy football draft...OH BOY! What better place than in Carmel! Flint's Aunt Caroline, Cilla's Coke Coke, has a wonderful house there and she let the guys take over for a long weekend.
Here they are at the famous 18th hole at Pebble Beach.
Even Flint was in a know it is nice and cool when Flint has on long sleeves. I think it might have gotten up to 105 degrees down in central Texas while he was gone. Cilla and I had the sweat to prove it! I know they had a blast resting, relaxing, enjoying each other's company, playing, and eating!!!
So, while Flint was girls had to play!
Thursday, Cilla and I made a trip down to Austin to see one of my dear college friends, Amber, and to have Cilla's sixth month pictures made. I am pretty sure Amber is supermom, the most thoughtful person EVER, super organized and on top of things, the hostess with the mostess, and she stinkin runs half marathons in her spare time! Did I mention she has two of the cutest kids I have ever seen? We had such a fun time with Amber, Austin, and Kaylee (and Justin, too!)
Her kiddos loved playing with Cilla! It was hilarious. They would blow raspberries on her and drag her all around on a blanket. The picture below is after Austin pulled her into the kitchen. And yes...I am eating all of my words...that is my child in only a t-shirt and diaper! Oh dear!
On Friday, we had lunch at a cute little spot called Cafe Panini. Then we HAD to make a trip to Whole Foods. Oh my goodness, I love that place. The downtown location is a huge production. You can tell that Cilla and Kaylee were hardly impressed. They both took their naps while their mommies shopped!
Chicken salad is one of my favorite foods and Whole Foods just so happens to have the best I think I have ever put into my mouth! Don't you worry, I brought some home with me!
Sunday, Cilla and I went to Dallas to visit with my bestie, "Aunt" Laura. Time is ticking away and Baby Braysen Grundy will be here before we know it. We wanted to get in some time with her before she has a newborn baby to take care of! We had a fun lunch at Bubba's, one of my favorite spots in Dallas, and a great visit. We love you bunches, Laura!
Cilla looks a little surprised about having her picture made. Maybe she is just surprised that I took her picture without a bow on her head!!!
I am so thankful that Flint got to get away, have time with the guys, and come back refreshed. He works so hard (and works lots of evenings and weekends) and is not rewarded with much time off. You deserve it, babe! We are so proud of you!
I am also thankful for the friends that we are surrounded by down here in Texas- old and new! It makes us feel a little more "at home". Cilla and I got to have fun with our friends over the weekend. I do not have any pictures, but we also spent time on Saturday with Sarah, Faith, and Katie. Thank you Lord for our girlfriends!


Unknown said...

what a fun time! you amaze me how much you go, girl!! cilla is precious as always!

Sally said...

awww, what fun!!!!

Ham Family said...

You're too sweet -- we were so lucky to be able to have you guys as house guests! Any time... come back any time!!
Austin was asking me today when we're going to go see Baby Cilla again -- we'll start planning toward our zoo/museum trip in Waco soon! Can't wait!!