Wednesday, August 19, 2009

See ya, Mom and Dad!

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am having fun with my Aunt Haley and could care less if you were here with me (just keep sending the money)!
Love, Cilla
Does this look like a face that missed her mom and dad?!?!

Aunt Haley and Mimi came from Denver to visit and to give Flint and I some time away for our anniversary. They had a big time!!!
Cilla loved Haley and Mimi so much!!!
Haley and Mimi went to Houston for a couple of days after they left our house. They found the cutest kiddie boutique and brought Cilla back some cutie pie outfits! I really love the one with the butterflies! Haley also found this birthday headband. She laughs at the big bows that Cilla wears. She said since I always put things on C's head, she just HAD to get the headband! HA!
Thanks for all the cute stuff, girls!


Corby and Lauren said...

I hope that y'all had a great weekend away! We're kind of doing the same thing this weekend (half will be spent on a home group leader retreat...the other half celebrating the anniversary), and I'm pretty excited about it! I know Harper won't skip a beat! Love the pictures of Cilla... just as adorable as ever!

Kristen said...

I have no doubt we miss them more than they miss us! Love the boutique dresses! You'll have to share what the store was since I'm in Houston. :)

The Allens said...

That's awesome!

Sally said...

sooo awesome of them to let ya'll get away!!! you deserve it!!!

Kristen said...

Oh, let me just tell you, I grew up in a house with a giant Razorback RUG hung on the WALL - my mom let that happen, not sure why. ;) My dad (and his brother) went there and we lived in Fayetteville until I started first grade. Dad promised to buy us a red Mazda Miata if we went to U of A! - ha...if that had been true, I'd be Sooing those Pigs right now! I haven't been back to AR since 2006, though.